Monday, December 28, 2009

Clebrune, Texas UFO (and MUFON Is ...?)

News of a UFO seen in Texas over Christmas; Kithra at the Krystal Kave blog has a personal connection to the sighting: UFO Over Clebrune, Texas on Christmas Night.

Related to this news is what I heard the MUFON representatives Mark Easter and Chuck Reever, on Coast to Coast say last night about UFO sightings in Texas. Host George Knapp asked about any updates on the Stephenville, Texas UFO sightings. Angelia Joiner, the reporter who broke the case and has her own UFO radio show, was cited. But the MUFON researchers said there isn't anything new going on in Texas, UFO wise. Unless I missed something -- and I do have a habit of drifting in and out when listening to C2C at night -- I wondered how it could be MUFON seemed to be so ho-hum about UFO activity in Texas? Stephenville has died down but there have been reports coming in from that area, and other areas in Texas as well, ever since.

Speaking of disatisfaction with MUFON, Joseph Capp at UFO Media Matters discusses his issues with MUFON in MUFON's 600 lb Gorilla: Common Sense.

On the other hand, all these organizations, Peter Davenport's NUFORC, MUFON, and so many more, operate only because of the dedication of those who run these groups. Very little, if any, money is made, and what money is made, goes to research and costs of running the thing. Investigators do what they can; after all, there's no pay, it costs money to travel to sites, and then there are the realities and responsibilities of family and the day job. 

These groups contribute what they will, and we get the benefit of more data. That's not to say that's all the data, or the research was the best, or that even denial or rejection of reports occur, based on personal bias or agenda.

We get stories, and as we know, there are more stories behind the stories.  

Thursday, December 24, 2009

C2C: UFO Review

Sunday, December 27th, Coast to Coast has host George Knapp, who will review the year, UFO wise, with a variety of to be announced guests.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Report, Damn It! And Do It Like This!

At the  McMinnville UFO Festival in Oregon last spring, the Bales brothers gave a simple, yet on the edge of your seat presentation about their giant triangle sighting in Idaho. During the Q & A one man chided the brothers for not being more involved in UFO research. He expected them to be sudden experts, with a mission and message of spiritual alien based insight. An astoundingly arrogant and condescending comment to make. After a slight pause, one of the brothers, who looked a bit confused at the comment, simply said "We're here, aren't we?"

Peter Davenport, who provides us with a much needed database of UFO reports, is perennially irritated at people who won't "take ten minutes" to write a UFO report in "black ink on white paper." His frustration is understandable, but not everyone feels comfortable putting such experiences down on paper. Treating UFO witnesses like stupid school children discourages people from making UFO reports.

I've been involved in a few local UFO minded groups through the years. The seeds of such gatherings are simple: people getting together to talk about UFOs. The purpose of these groups is  to have people with experiences to share with others,  but I've found there isn't much honesty happening in these groups. Because as soon as you have the "leaders" of such groups state what will, and what will not, be accepted, you are being dishonest. Telling witnesses to keep things positive -- in other words, don't talk about the scary, negative parts of your experience -- is a type of control. Creating a forum of only what you want to hear, in the form you want to hear it, is being dishonest. It sets up false forums of data; if you are continuously rejecting accounts you don't like based on your biases, you're not after genuine UFO experiences.

None of these methods consider the individual's experience. We listen and decide they're too negative, or not spiritual enough, or not literate enough, or are too lazy because they won't write something down, or . . .

And maybe they are some of those things, sometimes. Maybe some witnesses are too lazy or incompetent to write a report. Maybe the witness is still experiencing trauma from their encounter and are stuck, for the time being, in a dark place. Maybe their paranoia and fears, their nervousness and confusion, is part of the process and where they need to be for awhile. Making witnesses feel bad, lazy or stupid -- or crazy because they're depressed or anxious -- pushes them away.

All we can expect from people who have decided to come forward in whatever small way with their UFO experience is honesty. Negative, positive, spiritual, literate, sloppy, bad spellers, -- doesn't much matter, if they are being honest.

BOA interview: Tim Binnall interviews Peter Davenport

Peter Davenport: National UFO Reporting Center

McMinnville, Oregon's UFO annual UFO Festival in May

Sunday, November 22, 2009

SDI #469 - 20 Questions

SDI #469

20 Questions inspired at long, long last:

1. What is the real legacy of Richard Hall?

2. What was, and is, Richard Hall's reward?

3. What is owed Richard Hall?

4. Where is Richard Hall Found?

5. Did Richard Hall know science and internalize its philosophy?

6. Did Richard Hall put his faith in the system even as it abused him?

7. Is the contribution of Richard Hall as yet fully realized?

8. A question not asked, though begged, is who needs to grovel at the feet of the memory of Richard Hall in the first place and wash their feet before standing on the shoulders of same, in the second?

9. Why can Richard Hall, like James McDonald, be forgiven, even congratulated, for the only flaw either of them had in equal measure?

10. Are UFO organizations set against one another, past, present, and future, by the admitted non-admitted unilateral, even fascist, government?

11. Are UFOs ignored because they are too "hard" to countenance? How hard is it, and what groups find it hardest?

12. What did Richard Hall find objectionable in Ufology?

13. Has David Cherniack produced a 3 DVD box set of his, UFOs - The Secret History, and does it contain a collection of credible Ufologists seldomheard from but as significant as any?

14. What is the impact of UFOs - The Secret History?

15. Is the economy good or bad for UFOs?

16. How close to "the truth" is UFOs - The Secret History?

17. Has UFOs - The Secret History, gotten any untoward attention from irksome klasskurtxians? If not why not?

18. Is the late abductioneer John Mack heavily featured in the bonus discs for UFOs - The Secret History, among significant others?

19. Is the extraterrestrial hypothesis examined in a scholarly manner within the bonus discs?

20. Is, apart from the documentary proper, rabid speculation rationally regarded in the bonus discs?

Zounds and Mirgatroid listener, but over an hour of graspable outrĂ© remains? 

Cherniack continues and Lonnie Zamora and Mac Tonnies are remembered. In one of the several clips provided... Errol's Bobbi makes her report regarding oddnesses from back in the day vicinity "Go Home Lake," in Canada... Grant Cameron reveals one Turner Holt, President Roosevelt and hisSecretary of State Cordell Hall -and Holt's cousin- involving proclaimed aliens in big glass jugs and a crashed saucer in the Capital Building of the time, 1935.

"Somebody should know about this stuff," Holt's lucid, moral,and now elderly daughters report... Lehmberg walks you to your carriage outside ranting the usual jeremiad of buxom seditions and unsubtle heresies...

...Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own! Subscribe!

Know your toad responsibly.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lehmberg: Nastiness is always justified where civility endorses the behavior of conflicted, I'm betting self-loathing, psychopaths! Remember pilgrims, one has to be terrifyingly sane to be a true same.

Lehmberg: What follows is Rich Reynolds latest whiny inappropriate and irrelevant smear directed at Kevin Randle, PhD, as Bitchy Richy invariably tries to pole vault over tick turds, and fails:


Reynolds: Randle writes is not quite right. The RRRGroup did have a piece a few months back that indicated that the old-guard would, indeed, die, because they are old. No one wrote or wished that any one of those men die.

Lehmberg: Ever as disingenuous as you are fatuously self-serving, you are a known confabulator, arch character assassin, and a caster of the direst aspersion, but you are _forever_ famous for wishing death on your betters! This has been pointed out by persons as diverse as myself and Paul Kimball, persons who additionally point out that you re-write or delete wholesale your own history as you go along to cover errant tracks. Terry Groff also notices. Errol Bruce Knapp notices. Indeed, Reynolds, you are _everything_ you criticize.

Reynolds: Everyone is going to die, eventually, and our writer merely set down that inevitable maxim.

Lehmberg: This is a statement as pompous as it is a duplicitous spin! Moreover your "royal we" invoked only adds to the pomposity _ever_ as turgid as a backed up cistern in post Christian Rome! Push a sock in it Reynolds, can't you? Enlightened people know you for what you are, a wanna-be mouth-piece and whiny literary profligate. Feh!

Reynolds: But Mr. Randle, as he probably does with his Roswell and UFO research, conflates our writing and intent for some personal reason that adjusts his agenda, whatever it may be.

Lehmberg: His agenda, Reynolds, is to kick over your scurvy psychopathic rock and expose the squirming inconsequence that is your whole fetid shtick! You whine and back-pedal, but he has you _spot_ on.

Reynolds: Then he writes that he missed the boat with a key Roswell witness, a man named Easley, whom he talked with by phone, and who indicated that Randle’s extraterrestrial scenario about Roswell was on the right path.

Lehmberg: Swing and a miss, Reynolds. You report the admissions of others as if you were the discoverer and reporter of same. For the life of me I cannot comprehend how you don't choke on your own nose bubbles!

Reynolds: Unfortunately, Mr. Randle didn’t have a tape recorder handy, and only took notes, missing a chance to get that witness’s ET suggestion down in a format that others could hear:

“There are some who said that the very instant that Easley made that admission, they would have gone out, bought a tape recorder and called him back. While I thought about it, I believed, at the time, I would have an opportunity, several opportunities to discuss all this with him again. I did not anticipate his illness. If I had it to do over again, I would have called him the first chance I got and hade him repeat the information.”

Reynolds: This is one of those botches that the RRRGroup chastised in its Old Geezers posting that spurred Mr. Randle’s current and earlier broadside.

Lehmberg: Wrong again! The spawn of any "broadside" at the rotting timber that is your worm-ridden hull is your inconstant philosophical aspect, your shamelessly errant ufological revisioning, and your crass inability to provide for _any_ productiveness. Randle perhaps figures you're due for a literary fist in your _own_ aging wattled throat. I agree and am _happy_ to add my own.

Reynolds: Then Mr. Randle gives away his modus for his UFO obsession – to make money. Here’s what he writes at the end of his latest blog posting:

“As a final thought... if those who wish that the old geezers would get out of the way, I say this. Buy my files, records, tapes, microfilms and photographs for one million dollars, meaning that after taxes are paid, I have one million dollars, and I’m gone. I won’t write anymore UFO books, I won’t appear at anymore [sic] conferences or symposiums as a speaker, and I will take down this blog. Then you youngsters can have the open field. Just let me know when you have the money.”

Lehmberg: Excellent! I could have illustrated your piqued childishness, lack of imagination, and cloying irrelevance in no better way! Rofl! You don't even know when someone is _mocking_ you, do you?! Seriously! You are the very person for whom the "c" word was coined! Explore that!

Reynolds: If this isn’t an admission of a mercenary modus, we don’t know what is. That Mr. Randle is now seeking a million bucks for his efforts tells us why he’s been at the UFO game all along, and we’re embarrassed for him and by him.

Lehmberg: Rofl! That's still down on your side of the net, Reynolds! Immaterial, wholly irrelevant, and only your blatant self-admission that you don't get the joke, a joke otherwise understood handily by morons and cretins! The very definition of a steaming pile! Why do you even play when you're not even a good example of a bad example? You're no example at all!

Reynolds: We understand his attempt to make us look like , who wish death upon him and others in the UFO community, but that he would admit that his work is up for sale at a price goes to the heart of an effort that deserves research, not for money but for truth.

Lehmberg: Reynolds! You and your little murder of vomiting and inconstant crows, real _or_ imagined, are the very epitome of "nasty buggers," make no mistake and I'll accept no substitutes!

Reynolds: Shame on you Mr. Randle…shame, shame, shame….

SHAME!? You dare! You intemperate and incompetent slanderer!

I'd presume your dank home is bereft of any mirror or reflecting surface at all! Keep it up with Dr. Randle! I presume it's soon your fate to owe him retractions and damages like you do me! Unqualified, abject, and seven figures, Reynolds!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lesley on "Fantasy vs. Reality"

Lesley's Grey Matters on Binnall of America this week is Fantasy vs. Reality. She discusses the idea some hold that abductions and other UFO events are "hallucinations or some sort of fantasy and not real events."

What she has to say about the "paranoid state" of people with schizophrenia is interesting; I've often thought the same thing but haven't come across too many that have shared those ideas in terms of alien intelligences.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Woo T.V.
Are you doing your part to keep Woo Television on the air?

New posts at Snarly Skepticism

A few new things over at Snarly Skepticism, including the latest Bigfoot thread on the JREF.

Traces & "Stuff"

I observe a night time vastness holding "heaven," friend, and "hell." These are the two potentials, plus the history made as well... but not the one a cheat contrives to satisfy the "winner," and not the "social treatment" kind, nor that one from "born 'againners."
History as it really was — Coolidge was a monster. History as it really was — religion? An impostor. History as it really was — the *poor* get bitter dealings. History as it really was — The truth? It has no meaning.
Unjust manipulation is the fiber of our culture. The rules are made for bloody gold, and the *maker* apes a vulture. The *winner* wrote the words contrived to rake the booty in! He's always been the *victor*, mind, regardless he who "wins."
Some say it's entertainment that the masses always crave. Our Roman history's legacy, infotainment's latest craze? React to flash, and bored with facts, you grovel for sensation? Though, confronted with real evidence, you feel a scared deflation?
Distraction is preferred, I know, to copping to this truth, but you're disserved by ignorance! You're LIED to! What's the use? UFOs are ridiculed, derided, and disdained... DESPITE the work respected trace evidence obtained!
So ask me, "What's a trace case"? ...and I'll try to fill you in. It's something really left behind... by UFO's, my friend! A scorching of the earth or a mark on human beings, it's proof of an anomaly ones foolishness demeans!
...And if talking just ONE trace case, it should blow the whole thing up! For just one stinking trace case — bring whole cultures to a stop! For the solitary trace case, grind the whole mess to a halt! Be CERTAIN there are HUNDREDS! These are worth some REAL salt!
...But we're *not prone* to looking blamed on "forecast implications"…? If your threatened summer/country homes might come to liquidation? If the loss of specious *dollars* is to turn uncaring eyes? Then please consume some fecal stuff, freak out, go mad, then die!
I've heard it said that panic follows saucers in our skies! That millions would go raving mad if all could see them fly! "Suicide ... hit the ceiling" — and millions more would starve? Well, I just flat don't BUY it -- not a ribbon, pot, or shard!
Would we do this... if we found "folks"... ...who'd never used a spoon? Would we do it if we found a race of sentients on our moon? Too? I'm not impressed with those who fall in light of strange new days; a truth of need's, enevitable... be it son or ME who pays!
Culture gets away with murder, and we tolerate in it... ...what we crush out individually, so diminish bit by bit! On guard for serial murder when it's from the single person, but unmindful when the system does it, and it's done it to immersion!
I'm just a soldier and a teacher and I've more than paid my end. I don't cheat 'old Sam' from taxes, and I've been a loyal friend. I don't bully, I don't lie, and I give an even break; too, I speak my mind objectively... I'm on the level, not the make!
I eschew the stunted bunkie who likes his "comfort" where it's static — where it's built to suit the boorish style of the "skeptical fanatic." Where ones comfort draws the life blood from the one who does without...? All the trappings of their hard won lives, then, mere booty in their rout?
It's rational that we are watched... use the postulates of Drake. Reported in our skies, I'm sure — reality's at stake! Traces HAVE been left — they go eschewed, unwatched ... unstudied, and the *pillars* of our culture? ...Non disclosing, soiled and bloodied!
They know more than they're telling; we deserve their contribution — Some voice against complete collapse, or the people's retribution! I want a world based on TRUTH — though the "heavens" crack and fall! No longer hanging over me? So, I'll clearly hear her call.

Whose call? The call of my muse, you biliously sneering skeptibunker of small imagination, smaller intelligence and sub-microscopic, even concave, courage! Something could be said regarding meager scrotum size. The reader knows who's addressed...
Whose voice? Why, the inner one of course — the only one of which I'm sure! I can't hear it in the clutter of your media's exhortations to burn and consume. I can't hear it in the frothing of your Pat Robertson, or Jerry Falwell... ...that UFO's are agents of Satan
In fact, the more they froth and bubble that too convenient conjecture, the more I am convinced that the INVERSE must be true! It is these who ape capering demons and evil nixies, and not the enevitable ET. Nes't ce pas, Reader?
I can't hear it in a general deafening silence; a silence un-punctuated by even an indirect or private exhortation for me to shut the f**k up — Well, except for that homocentric, filled with themselves, or murmuring few, and they've protested too much. Slanderously so!
Hey, I'm not making any traditional apologies — just telling you what you'll see when you learn to *grow* again.
To the few pieces of *hate* mail regarding my "negativity" — "Bother" said Pooh, and then lifted a cloth cheek to fart derisively! These thoroughly impacted persons miss the point!
All of my expressions forcefully exhort the positive! That's your problem with it! And, besides which, if you are so inclined, you could pound sand up a well prolapsed pore, by the freaking by!
...But pause, instead, to hammer some of that mortar out of your otherwise flaccid rear, take a deep, cleansing breath, and then? PUSH!
…Feels good to get the sand out, no? You have no idea...
Go all the way! Have some nice, raw crusiferous "veggies" with the magic garlic vinaigrette, and REALLY clean yourself out. Now, when you go out and glance up at the sky, you can actually see what's in it! It's all there if you watch for it! To look is to see, see?
...And there's stuff in it, boys and girls, stuff with length and breadth — stuff round, stuff firm, and stuff fully packed! "Stuff" indeed … stuff beyond dreams — yours or mine!
...With regard OTHER matters? With regard to the popular but Reviled, Risible, and Revolting Net Scum who can say what they damn well please (...beyond vile!) and remain unrepentant, unapologetic, unremorseful, to go entirely unpunished? These juice-sucking slime-ball low-brows who are without fidelity, a shred of constancy, define inconsistency, and are themselves perhaps, even what they would accuse? These rabidly feral yet cowardly weasels who whisper and smirk and are themselves a sneered fecal smear they pretend to decry?
...These are dead entities to me, scuttling roaches who only command enough attention from me to step on them in a compassionate attempt to put them out of their misery, when I should just let my cat play with them. Hmmm...
...Here kitty-kitty! Stay tuned.
Read on.

Of Gatekeepers and Decoder Rings . . .

Lesley at Debris Field has a few comments on Michael Salla's article, which is about the UFO Police. (Salla's article:
Hysteria drives UFO gatekeepers debunking exopolitics pioneers.
) Of UFO Gatekeeprs or the UFO Police in general, Lesley comments:
They even attack people that have had experiences that don't fit into their box. They try to cloak it as some noble mission to save Ufology, but anyone that listens to them for more than 5 minutes realizes it is really a mission to try to make themselves look far superior to anyone else. They are the only ones that "get it" and the rest of us (except those that totally agree with them) are a stupid mass of people in need of a leader -- them.

And Bruce Duensing of Intangible Materiality writes, as always, so eloquently about UFO Gatekeepers in Secret Decoder Rings:
Outside of truth in the imaginal realm posed as a franchise, a exclusionary divisor that is not prone to uncertainty, the adapted postures of those who claim to possess the secret decoder ring,there is a certain instinctual desire of ourselves as fish within this atmospheric ocean to be lured, compelled and strike a pose in the reflected glory of exclusivity, designed in earnest by a franchised cabal, an inner circle of humanity as opposed to dim candle flickering by the lowest common denominator carried by an unwashed rabble of sheep. A carrier of secrets which in of themselves are perhaps default settings, a backstop in a competitive game, a consensus set against ambiguity, a self executing warning concerning pawns, boosters and the appetites that stir for satiation. ~ Bruce Duensing

Alfred Lehmberg has a piece up right now at UFO Magazine that relates to this theme of the would be overseers of UFOlogy: Traces and "Stuff" Alfred is mainly addressing the pathological skeptic but a lot of what he writes can be applied to those that deny someone else's perspective on things:
Whose call? The call of my muse, you biliously sneering skeptibunker of small imagination, smaller intelligence and sub-microscopic, even concave, courage! Something could be said regarding meager scrotum size. The reader knows who's addressed...

Whose voice? Why, the inner one of course — the only one of which I'm sure! I can't hear it in the clutter of your media's exhortations to burn and consume. I can't hear it in the frothing of your Pat Robertson, or Jerry Falwell... ...that UFO's are agents of Satan…

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bruce Duensing: "Sex Violence and UFOs"

This is one of the most beautiful, insightful things I've read about our place, our agreements with ourselves and each other and "it" -- and a nice video clip of Joni Mitchell as well. What does this have to do with UFOs; "sex, violence" and Joni Mitchell? Read Bruce's piece on UFO Magazine's site to find out. I don't think you'll be sorry.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hidden experience blog

I found a blog I like awhile back: hidden experience. Subtitle: "Curious stuff that challenges my definition of reality." One guy, simply writing about his ufo and related experiences. He has an exceptionally beautiful entry: Owls at Sunset. Another post is a sister blogger (another one) about one woman's encounters with aliens and her own blog In A World Cracking Open.

I am always so thankful to, and appreciative of, individuals who confront their vulnerabilities and go ahead in spite of that and share their stories of the "other."

Monday, July 27, 2009

One Woman's Experience: "Encounters with Water Faeries"

I posted a link about this story of a very strange encounter with a reptilian on my Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch blog: The Eel Siren of Maine. I found the story on Bigfoot researcher Linda Martin's Bigfoot Sightings blog, who has been in contact for some time with this woman. Here's the link (that's also embedded in Linda's article) to this woman's Squido site: Encounters with Water Faeries. And here's Linda's article:
Maine: Report of a humanoid that may be reptilian

This is a very weird story, and of course, as Martin points out, and is just a given, no way to know if this is real, delusions of some poor unbalanced person, outright lying or hoaxing, or, the truth. But let's say it's the truth, at least acknowledging that it's the truth as far as this person knows. Remember too, there are plenty of these stories in the UFO and Fortean realm; high strangeness encounters with reptilian beings, etc. Mostly, I am always impressed with those who are willing to put themselves out there and share their experiences, no matter how bizarre those experiences may seem.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alfred Lehmberg: Risking Mammons Wrath

Alfred has another great entry at the UFO Magazine site: Risking Mammons Wrath.
My message is hard edged enough — don't dare to call it "quaint." It doesn't take the word of what the privileged calls a "saint." It won't tremble for the *mighty*, then go all weak and faint. It's alone its own creation, but sans hubristic paint.

But also:
...And where do _I_ get off, eh? The answer to that is: "...where I will"!

And while out of context, that should give you an idea!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Smirks and Sneers"

Another great piece by Alfred on the UFO Magazine blog: "Those Smirks and Sneers"
This is for anyone who wrongly detests the working stiff holding them in his or her providing arms, and manufacturing their complete convenience out of thin air — you lofty, sneering, clueless, and non-appreciative Elite!

And an equally entertaining perceptive response by Mike Good.

This elite classist sneering and such goes on within UFOlogy and Bigfoot research . . . obvious point but felt like making it anyway.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keep UFO Hunters on the Air

Lesley posted this on Women Of Esoterica, and I'm passing it along. Please sign the petition and keep UFO Hunters on the air!

Bill has just finished filming for Season 3 and I don't know if there will be a Season 4. Maybe you -- plus some pals -- can write to the network and let them know you would like to see more episodes:

or you can sign a petition:

Either way, it can't hurt, and it just might help!

Keeping hope alive!



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SDI #468 Twenty Questions

SDI #468

20 Questions astonishingly if insightfully addressed by Dave Furlotte, Roger Marsh, Glen Campbell, Frank Feschino, and Alfred Lehmberg as seamlessly produced and then deftly executed by Bosscat Bruce-Knapp, esq.:

1. Are ufologists intellectually challenged, fundamentally bonkers, insane, foop-shooby, or flip city?

2. Have our "intrepid mainstream authorities" put last years flap at O'hare entirely to rest as the most prosaic of prosaic prosaics (sic)?

3. Who, indeed, is guilty of Streckers' "pathological receptiveness" and can these be revalidated with lithium and a big bag of stale Easter peeps?

4. Does Dr. Harlow Shapely, a one time eminent Harvard astronomer, stick a fork in UFOs with his admonition that anyone seeing such —Jimmy Carter springs to mind— is either drunk or crazy?

5. Do "uncommon objects" seen in "uncommon seeing conditions" constitute all uncommon reports and observations... apart, of course, from those made by "the crazy liars," as proclaimed by the infamous uber-klasskurtxian Dr. Donald Menzel?

6. Did Donald Menzel, himself, see a UFO then dismiss same as, likely, some poorly digested beef?

7. Do all card carrying klasskurtxians cop the M-cubed plea reflexively? UFOs are a result of the Misled, the Mis-leading, and the Mentally ill... exclusively?

8. Is smirking klasskurtxian "spokespuppy" Mr. Oberg a paid disinformation agent —whatever that may mean— and ashamed of his apostrophe?

9. Do civil aircraft pilots regularly "over-interpret their observations" from the cockpit, according to Mr. Oberg, and what does this mean regarding the safely of the passengers flying?

10. Are airline pilots subject to fits of temerarious insanity while they fly!?

11. Who said, "...All UFOs are easily explainable because they can all be rationally explained..."?

12. Can one prove an ordinary absolute?

13. Is Dave Furlotte Crazy? Errol Bruce-Knapp? Is this writer only assisting the misleading, presumed to be misled, or dismissed as mentally ill?

14. Was the aforementioned Dr. Menzel, who saw his UFO, crazy?

15. Does Mr. Oberg "slide the scale" or otherwise play fast and loose with his goalposts when his spurious argument begins its obligatory tatter? Can the reader say, "Jerry Cohen"?

16. Are all UFO reports bona fide observations of the craft flown by intelligent reptiles from a moon vicinity Betelgeuse?

17. Is it entirely impossible any longer to believe ones own eyes?

18. Does technology bring us closer to the UFO or does it keep us away?

19. Is psychiatry always able to recognize "crazy"?

20. "...Yet here [Screamin' Demon]! The wind sets in the shoulder of your sail, and you are stayed for"?

A suffering Zot —most barragrugous— good readers and listeners, but that 58 explosive minutes of SDI remain! Again, I am unable to clear even the always provocative Dave Furlotte regarding 20 questions prodded and gouged from sensibilities outraged anew!

Be that as it may newcomer Roger Marsh, the director of communications for MUFON, outlines a new ufological consciousness venue for MUFON uber-grande artists, writers, and contributors at

Area 51 Legend Glen Campbell visits inspiration even as he travels what he indicates is "irrelevant" and "disappointing" ground. Damn.

Frank Feschino at last puts paid to previous if errant and otherwise erroneous estimations of well earned credibility. He, at once, at great cost, and from over four arduous years unceasing litigation, resurrects face, justice, and victory for himself, Stanton Friedman, and an aviation war history in plain sight all the time... but missed by everyone else! Crow hors d'oeuvres will be served with brandy and cigars on the poop deck.

Alfred Lehmberg rounds out with some gobsmackers! Did Glen Campbell invent the ufological internet?

It was a time of known toads, "known" to be knowing not — knowing _still_, brothers and sisters! Know that toad!

...Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own! Subscribe!
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Friday, March 6, 2009

"A Movement Afoot" : Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

According to a few bloggers with a disturbing dependence on thesauruses (thesauri?) there is an underground UFO group afoot. Why underground? Ah, to seriously study UFOs. I mean, seriously. Deeply. Studiously. Without the taint of the rest of us. Allusions to this all mysterious, top secret, underground UFO study group have been made before. I have visions of them toiling away in dank rooms, kind of like mushrooms grown in basements as a side business...when will they emerge to give us the truth? We can only wait, and hope.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rich Reynolds: Psychopath?

RRRGroup (Rich Reynolds) published a new comment on the post "Lies and Moore Lies": a piece by Kevin Randle on his highly rated blog "A Different Perspective." This is a site devoted to sincere and rational discussion regarding UFOs and the Roswell mystery in particular.

In the commentary to the above referenced piece and after a revolted assessment of Rich Reynold's particular "commentary" by myself —exploring fact and fallacy of same— Rich Reynolds published the upcoming response to Randle's un-moderated blog for the world to see.

The preceding activity is in addition to a mass mailing for any persons following Randle's weblog. The potential readership and mailing list is international and numbers many hundreds, I suspect, if not many thousands.
Persons read:


One would think that a person whose name showed up in a child porn site during a Google search would be circumspect about the alleged shortcomings of others.


Gods and Devils!

We'll forget for a moment that this egregious, insane, and libelous charge regarding my behavior has been completely debunked, roundly discredited, and abundantly exposed!

Yet here it is, published yet again in a public forum like it is an authoritative fact!

Too, I am entirely at this psychopathic bastard's mercy because I must prove damages or pay Rich Reynolds' own legal fees, plus my own! He can do or say anything he wants as a result.
Sir or madam reading, I'm an aspiring author trading on reputation and some small talent to achieve that end. How am I not being damaged?

This has been going on for years, admittedly ... I can't let it go.

I can't give this guy a by because it's not just me effected, see? It's the memories of my father and grandfather and son. We all have the same name as it's turning out...

This is all not to forget that tolerated behavior such as this throws a monstrous blanket over freedom of expression for all of us. Finally, Reynolds needs to be brought to account so no one else has to suffer similar treatment from him.

Persons better than myself offer "well meant advice" in regards to my struggle with Reynolds given that it must be patently obvious to all that he is the "salt" in my wound, the "thorn" in my side, and the ultimate "pain" in my ass!

They say; however, that they've found that the "best solution" to individuals like Reynolds is to "ignore them." It takes "two people" to engage in a fight, these counsel, and in these instances there is "no winner." In their view the only way to win is to "not engage." "Don't play!" these say...

The man published authoritatively, just recently, that I have sex with children, Reader. This is no teenage pique on my part.

My refusal to contest that slander is a signal that he is correct and my silence is then not mature; it becomes —to the disinterested— something of an admission, am I right?

Advice is well taken but my removing myself from the "playing field" allows the craven rape of my reputation to go by uncontested. Moreover, Reynolds et al will be emboldened to do it again, perhaps, to another. Maybe once the reader has fallen afoul with Reynolds they themselves could be in the sights of this seeming monster for a similar maliciousness, eh?

RRR is no good for anybody, provides no service, and is not sincere — I think this plain in my opinion. Clearer air has prevailed in his absence. Of course, I'd see him made professionally extinct. The man is unrepentantly suggestive that I have sex with children, reader! That's the cruel upshot.

He owes me damages and apologies... neither of which is now remotely forthcoming. I must resort, then, to the court of public opinion. People will know "who" he is and "what" he does for my effort, at all cost to me. I think the reader would do no less in my shoes.

Would the reader give up? How about after that first time a grandchild reads something dodgy about you on the internet? My print publisher Nancy Birnes is embarrassed. My electronic publisher and pod-cast project chief Errol Bruce-Knapp is appalled. My writing partner on another project, Alan Graham, is embarrassed; my wife and son are fit to be tied, my brother is supremely agitated, and my friends, in and out of ufology are aghast!
How are we not damaged? Also, when must I become a discomfiting liability to them.

I really don't think the reader would or could forget this. Sex with children, ladies and gentlemen! That unsupported charge is unconscionable, without conscience, and unscrupulous behavior on Reynolds' part. As bad as it gets.

It remains, Reynolds cannot be rewarded by my inaction. I'll ensure he has a bigger reputation as a smear-or than I ever ever have for being a smear-ee. Honor demands it, eh? An Army officer for 23 years, I know something about honor and integrity.
Whew! Sorry about the longwinded kerfuffle.

Thanks again for your understanding, and feel free to pass this on, to anyone, as a sample of my thinking on this issue. If you don't understand or think I make a mountain out of a dung-pile it is because no one has looked at you penetratingly and asked why this "kiddy porn" thing keeps coming up about you, eh?

Know I'm sincere if nothing else. Reynolds damages me with malice aforethought. An effulgent swine, he owes me effuse apologies and seven figure damages.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Altering Egos

Perhaps a study in Psychopathia?

What a right bastard Rich Reynolds is, albeit predictably.
Still, there is his flurry of pompous genuflection I'd link to reader, only he'd take it down so his pathetic little scuttle could go unsubstantiated. He's performed such and so in the past. Why bother citing him?
...But friends of mine, one Regan Lee and and equally significant Lesley Gunter (spell their names right you prolapsed flock-wits!) lately stand to bear the insentient and repellant reptilianism that is Rich Reynolds and his alleged murder of flatulent were-crows: "RRR Group," "UFO Iconoclasts," "UFO Reality, (no truth in advertising there)" and other sites of hissing and suppurating spoor even less relevant, in my opinion. Such has been so.
Lately, I am not the egregiously libeled innocent owed effuse apology and seven figure damages, you see. No, today I am no less than representative, along with Regan and Lesley, of the destruction of the study of UFOs. Pause for squirty giggles.
After the three of us are contrasted to the likes of "well meaning" if misguided" ufological persons from Friedman through Vallee to Hynek, we are panned when compared to "hopelessly lost" second tier "mavens" and "enthusiasts" Kimball through Bishop to Tonnies! Michio Kaku is no "UFO Destroyer," don't you know, "but his views are so amorphous that they are platitudinous and useless."
Friends close, enemas (sic) closer?

"Platitudinous And Useless" Kaku...

At last Lesley, Regan, and myself are relegated to the said woo-besotted ranks of the much contested and controversial contactees. These are persons who are pretty much solely responsible, Reynolds propounds, because of their frivolity, self-involvement, and stupidity for the destruction alluded to. It won't end there.
Further, we are (I am) accused of "purloining" something curiously unsubstantiated, but that is also par for the Reynolds course. Reynolds lacks all substantiation, you see.
More as this Reynolds wrap-rap seems instructive, eh? Though I contemplate the contemptible I am reminded that to give up is to give in, righteous victory is necessary even if Phyricc, and an inch given is a mile taken.
I know you're reading Ritchie, too vain to do otherwise... Consume fecal manner and expire.