Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lehmberg: The "You" You'd Recuse...

Another great piece by Alfred Lehmberg: UFO Magazine - UFO Magazine Blog - ...The "You" You'd Recuse...

Think what you want, friend, regarding *Abduction*. A nest full of liars, mistaken, or cursed? Consider them making a play for your dollar, not worthy your notice—revolting, or worse?
Then make them a scapegoat? Make them your clowns! Make them embarrassed?  Make them suffer your frowns!
Use them, abuse them—assign "yellow stars"! Mock them as bar-flies from Venus or Mars! Do what you will to stay 'comfy' and 'safe.' Lie to yourself!  Pretend it's you, brave!

I don't know if Alfred has considered this, but I think it'd be great if he put together, thematically for example, his work as a collection. E-book or what have you.

There is no investigation! You've maintained that it's unneeded! No one's even *looking*! "Looks" entreat and beg, beleaguered! No one has the *courage* 'cause they know it's unrewarding. Ford knows *that* kind of courage is discouraged—MAIMED, and thwarting!