Saturday, August 23, 2008


At UFO Mafia, a post about the so called UFO researchers we need to be aware of. As Lesley points out in her blog The Debris Field, where I found the link to UFO Mafia, this is a sore subject a lot of us have been ranting about for a long time.

Many of these people are obvious. I'm not going to name names, but they are the ones I call "thugs" or sometimes "new thugs" -- they pretend they're aren't sitting on the fence, that they aren't hob nobbing with the trolls, that they aren't exhibiting nasty troll like behavior themselves much of the time, that they aren't wasting time and spreading negative energy by insulting others.

Here's a bit from UFO Mafia:
Bottom line is I’ve run into many a notable UFO researcher who just doesn’t fit into the equation of wanting to solve the mysteries involved. Instead they gripe, make bizarre accusations, try to publicly invalidate another person’s reports and theories, just real underhanded tactics one would think would come from the skeptics and debunkers.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Joseph Capp, UFO Media Matters: Part 2 Barney and Betty Hill Encounter

As promised, Joseph Capp at UFO Media Matters has posted Part 2 of his thoughts on the Barney and Betty Hill event. Betty And Barney Hill Part 2: Light, Action, Camera! Capp doesn't think the experience was an encounter with literal aliens from outer space, nor does he think it's some sort of fantasy prone, collective subconscious theater of the mind projection either:
It stretches the imagination beyond belief that star-traveling ETs have no advanced methods --including less painful methods-- of performing these medical tests.

The Relax, It’s Just The Trickster Myth At Work people claim this entire terrifying scenario shared in part, yet distinguished by particular differences between both individuals’ experience, was a projection of collective conscious. And so the Trickster Myth people would have us join their collective delusion that these terrifying claims of Barney and Betty Hill are nothing more than iconic mind projections.

That would be nice if we could leave it there. Unfortunately these myths and iconic projections have...been recorded on radar, killed our pilots, disabled our missiles, and destroyed at least one of our missiles --representing the most advanced weaponry on Earth.

MILABS? It's likely, especially given that the Hills knew some very interesting people in the military. If this is true -- that MILABS are the cause of many abductions (as they were with many Contactees) -- that doesn't discount the reality of actual aliens in flying saucers.

It's more than one thing, and both deceptively simple as well as complex.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lesley Pops Out!

I just noticed a "pop out" widget on Lesley's blog The Debris Field. The podcast Mysterious Universe comments on an article Lesley wrote: UFOlogy Police, about those who want to ban theories, witnesses, or researchers they simply can't abide.

Good work Lesley!

(You have to scroll down a bit on the menu on the left and look for the little radio bar with UFOlogy Police as the title.)

From Joseph Capp: Barney and Betty Hill: Profiles in Courage Part 1

Joseph Capp of the UFO Media Matters blog has a post about Barney and Betty Hill. It's a funny post in parts, but it's also moving and important, discussing the fact of what they went through regarding their interracial relationship, their activism and involvement in the community, and the efforts of debunkers, including Dr. Susan Clancy. This is Part I, and Part II promised to be equally as interesting. I wonder if Capp will address the topic of possible MILAB manipulation and the Hills connection with military? We'll just have to see.

Here's a bit of what Capp writes about the Hills in general:

Remember the ground truths of the era when the Hill case happened:
--Abductions were unknown…to Americans, at least;
--ET were not in the news, and the only information the Hills had was their own experience;
--The facts of the experience seemed too insane to be real.

The Hills stand out as people who couldn’t possible be the people the professional debunkers and disinfo agents made them out to be. They were fighters, these Hills. They were stand up Americans doing what America does best: standing up for freedom.

The beauty of the Hills was they were truly unspoiled, and yet they saw something very shatteringly bizarre, similar to what was reported before at Roswell, but kept smothered for decades.

One thing about the Hill case: it is a valid era in UFO history to research (as most "old" cases are) not necessarily because it might reveal something new and astounding but because of what we can learn, and then apply to current UFO phenomenon.

Betty and Barney Hill: Profiles in Courage Part I

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Your Rant of the Day

I have this posted as a permanent feature on the menu of The Orange Orb. Haven't decided if I'll do the same here, use this one, or what. (Thanks to Alfred Lehmberg for the image)

Very little if anything is hurting "Ufology" including using the term "UFOlogy." UFOlogy is kind of full of itself as a term, but what do you suggest we replace it with? UFO Studies? UFO research? Okay, not too bad. But there are bigger and better things to concern ourselves with other than the use of "UFOlogy."

But this isn't about the use of clunky terms. Today's rant is about the idea that some theories, ideas, and people, are "hurting UFOlogy." As long as sincere, honest individuals -- whether or not we agree with them -- are following their paths, there is no fault to be found. We can learn from it all; old cases, current cases, contactees, abductees, mysticism, and all the rest. We're not robots, we're individuals, with a variety of abilities, talents, and experiences.

Those that spend the majority of their time attacking others, and constantly calling for some kind of purge of UFO land are doing nothing positive and nothing productive. They need to get over themselves and get to work, whether it's exploring the self and one's own experiences, solid field research, what have you. It's all good, it's all needed, and no one person can be all things to all of the thousands of facets found in UFOlogy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

UFO Fascists

Who needs enemies when you have friends like this? . . .

Alfred Lehmberg has a response to the recent posts by Dick Hall on UFO Updates, who is (once again) calling for a UFO cleansing. This time it's a "purge of UFO Updates."

If I wasn't so tired I'd write a long post about how frustrated I am concerning UFO people insisting only certain types of cases and phenomena get consideration, while others are to be forever ignored. When will they realize it's all part of the phenomena, and attempts to "seriously" study it by cutting away what offends is like wanting to study the human body, but not until you've cut off all the limbs and head.

Read Lehmberg's piece here.