Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lehmberg: Nastiness is always justified where civility endorses the behavior of conflicted, I'm betting self-loathing, psychopaths! Remember pilgrims, one has to be terrifyingly sane to be a true same.

Lehmberg: What follows is Rich Reynolds latest whiny inappropriate and irrelevant smear directed at Kevin Randle, PhD, as Bitchy Richy invariably tries to pole vault over tick turds, and fails:


Reynolds: Randle writes is not quite right. The RRRGroup did have a piece a few months back that indicated that the old-guard would, indeed, die, because they are old. No one wrote or wished that any one of those men die.

Lehmberg: Ever as disingenuous as you are fatuously self-serving, you are a known confabulator, arch character assassin, and a caster of the direst aspersion, but you are _forever_ famous for wishing death on your betters! This has been pointed out by persons as diverse as myself and Paul Kimball, persons who additionally point out that you re-write or delete wholesale your own history as you go along to cover errant tracks. Terry Groff also notices. Errol Bruce Knapp notices. Indeed, Reynolds, you are _everything_ you criticize.

Reynolds: Everyone is going to die, eventually, and our writer merely set down that inevitable maxim.

Lehmberg: This is a statement as pompous as it is a duplicitous spin! Moreover your "royal we" invoked only adds to the pomposity _ever_ as turgid as a backed up cistern in post Christian Rome! Push a sock in it Reynolds, can't you? Enlightened people know you for what you are, a wanna-be mouth-piece and whiny literary profligate. Feh!

Reynolds: But Mr. Randle, as he probably does with his Roswell and UFO research, conflates our writing and intent for some personal reason that adjusts his agenda, whatever it may be.

Lehmberg: His agenda, Reynolds, is to kick over your scurvy psychopathic rock and expose the squirming inconsequence that is your whole fetid shtick! You whine and back-pedal, but he has you _spot_ on.

Reynolds: Then he writes that he missed the boat with a key Roswell witness, a man named Easley, whom he talked with by phone, and who indicated that Randle’s extraterrestrial scenario about Roswell was on the right path.

Lehmberg: Swing and a miss, Reynolds. You report the admissions of others as if you were the discoverer and reporter of same. For the life of me I cannot comprehend how you don't choke on your own nose bubbles!

Reynolds: Unfortunately, Mr. Randle didn’t have a tape recorder handy, and only took notes, missing a chance to get that witness’s ET suggestion down in a format that others could hear:

“There are some who said that the very instant that Easley made that admission, they would have gone out, bought a tape recorder and called him back. While I thought about it, I believed, at the time, I would have an opportunity, several opportunities to discuss all this with him again. I did not anticipate his illness. If I had it to do over again, I would have called him the first chance I got and hade him repeat the information.”

Reynolds: This is one of those botches that the RRRGroup chastised in its Old Geezers posting that spurred Mr. Randle’s current and earlier broadside.

Lehmberg: Wrong again! The spawn of any "broadside" at the rotting timber that is your worm-ridden hull is your inconstant philosophical aspect, your shamelessly errant ufological revisioning, and your crass inability to provide for _any_ productiveness. Randle perhaps figures you're due for a literary fist in your _own_ aging wattled throat. I agree and am _happy_ to add my own.

Reynolds: Then Mr. Randle gives away his modus for his UFO obsession – to make money. Here’s what he writes at the end of his latest blog posting:

“As a final thought... if those who wish that the old geezers would get out of the way, I say this. Buy my files, records, tapes, microfilms and photographs for one million dollars, meaning that after taxes are paid, I have one million dollars, and I’m gone. I won’t write anymore UFO books, I won’t appear at anymore [sic] conferences or symposiums as a speaker, and I will take down this blog. Then you youngsters can have the open field. Just let me know when you have the money.”

Lehmberg: Excellent! I could have illustrated your piqued childishness, lack of imagination, and cloying irrelevance in no better way! Rofl! You don't even know when someone is _mocking_ you, do you?! Seriously! You are the very person for whom the "c" word was coined! Explore that!

Reynolds: If this isn’t an admission of a mercenary modus, we don’t know what is. That Mr. Randle is now seeking a million bucks for his efforts tells us why he’s been at the UFO game all along, and we’re embarrassed for him and by him.

Lehmberg: Rofl! That's still down on your side of the net, Reynolds! Immaterial, wholly irrelevant, and only your blatant self-admission that you don't get the joke, a joke otherwise understood handily by morons and cretins! The very definition of a steaming pile! Why do you even play when you're not even a good example of a bad example? You're no example at all!

Reynolds: We understand his attempt to make us look like , who wish death upon him and others in the UFO community, but that he would admit that his work is up for sale at a price goes to the heart of an effort that deserves research, not for money but for truth.

Lehmberg: Reynolds! You and your little murder of vomiting and inconstant crows, real _or_ imagined, are the very epitome of "nasty buggers," make no mistake and I'll accept no substitutes!

Reynolds: Shame on you Mr. Randle…shame, shame, shame….

SHAME!? You dare! You intemperate and incompetent slanderer!


I'd presume your dank home is bereft of any mirror or reflecting surface at all! Keep it up with Dr. Randle! I presume it's soon your fate to owe him retractions and damages like you do me! Unqualified, abject, and seven figures, Reynolds!

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