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A Magnificent Man

I wrote this McDonald cameo based on the Anne Druffel’s book _Firestorm_. I add it here to show that McDonald was likely not a left-wing nutjob prone to self-destructive excitability. To the contrary, he was a first rate human being loved and respected by all who came in contact with him with an integrity and courage difficult to cow. He was driven to despair by cowardly despicables.
A Magnificent Man
by Alfred Lehmberg
Dr. James E. McDonald, seminal ufologist and a man of undeniably objective science, was a man who might be observed at two seemingly disparate levels. On one level he possessed exactly what our suspect society stridently proclaims it prefers from its citizenship: intelligence, courage, self-improvement, civic involvement, and sterling productivity. He was ever a total asset to humankind’s elevation and advancement on every level.

On the other hand, he was a hapless fool—however magnificent! I think both observations are correct as strongly as I believe that he can be, oddly enough, congratulated and otherwise lauded on both of these levels. At once, Dr. McDonald’s story is a hard lesson even if it is a much needed and certainly gainful inspiration to us all. This is what is drawn from Anne Druffel’s powerful, informative, and very well-woven --excitingly readable-- biography of James McDonald; it is entitled Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald’s Fight for UFO Science (Wildflower Press, 2003).
Dr. McDonald, by way of introduction, was a good man, a kind man, a renaissance man, and a family man; he was a man instrumental, key actually, in elevating the status of aggregate ufology to the level of seriousness that it remotely enjoys, against all odds, today.

Yet, today, he is almost totally unknown even by those with more than a passing interest in the field.
This is a tragedy beyond debate. Ms. Druffel, in a near peerless effort, would put that error aright.

Druffel portrays the physicist James E. McDonald, accurately it would seem, as a highly respected world-class research scientist and much-beloved teacher, academic coach, and gifted educator. A renowned atmospheric physicist, he was a nascent prototypical ecologist, an incisive social scientist, and a master of diverse multiple subjects: a brilliant man in every regard. He changed the minds of hostile governments, steered academic boards, chaired lofty research sections, and headed significant causes.
Then he got interested in UFOs …
I’ve written before about an insidious social aspect of our hijacked society I tentatively call the Mothman Futility Mechanism. The sufferer of this mechanism, briefly, is an otherwise rational person innocently encountering an aspect of the highly strange.

In a justifiably passionate investigation of that very real strangeness, this person is destroyed in one way or another as a result of paying an awful and inevitable penalty for the pursuit of that "enigma’s teasing challenge," as it is imposed by that nonelected leadership mentioned before.

Such was the fate of Dr. McDonald. Druffel writes a compelling cameo, indeed, about the mechanism in action. It is portrayed exceptionally well in the heartbreaking and heartbroken subject of her startling biography. Back to McDonald...
This fine man, by step, by increment, and seemingly by design was progressively failed by society, its science, and by those closest to him. He would pay more than most MFM sufferers for his provoked transgression. He would be—perhaps deliberately—aggravated so that he suffered unmitigating depressions he found, at last, he could no longer endure.
Indeed, Druffel succinctly conveys how he would be inexorably driven over the cliffs of the blackest despair by others. He would be goaded, lead actually; drawn out on a precarious limb after years of government duplicity, institutional subterfuge, and agency chicanery. And then the limb was sawed off. With great deliberation and at the nadir of this abject hopelessness, he took his own life.
His was the kind of intelligent effort and efficacious artifice the aforementioned agencies, institutions, and governments would want to finesse for a "managed failure" and conveniently "thwarted success," one might suspect when reading between Druffel’s lines. Indeed, I recall that many of the major players on the ufological scene have been documented as being drawn down the same kinds of primrose path ending so tragically for McDonald. His story, again, is a pointed lesson for the observer of it:
Jacques Vallee wrote about Linda Moulton Howe and Stanton Friedman being played in a similar fashion. J. Allen Hynek and Edward J. Ruppelt wrote about the many hundreds of credible witnesses who initiate a report and then, abruptly, don’t follow up on their testimony. Richard Dolan and David Jacobs make rationally credible cases for an unelected government’s ufological interference and manipulation … and worse things.
Worse things, reader!
Given today’s realities, one could surmise many reasons why someone of McDonald’s caliber and propitious drive would have to be stopped—one way or another!

The mechanisms used against the good doctor are obvious and not so obvious, Druffel more than intimates. Not the least of these —jealous mechanisms of a hostile mainstream— were the scurvy tactics of otherwise inexplicable persons such as Philip Klass and Edward Condon. These were shallow men without imagination and courage, at best. At worst, they were drunk on their own baseless hubris and perhaps even cooperating drones for that conjectured unelected leadership.
Both were two-faced authoritarian murmurers with a predilection for whisper-campaigning, name-calling, hate mongering, and the yellowest of yellow presses. They were the hackish agents of stupefying misrepresentation and the instruments of crass deception and misinformation. They were the blindsiding back-shooters and the artless shadow-snipers. They are the reason the rest of us are reluctant to be bold!
These, and others like them —known and unknown— were the cowardly hurdles that Dr. McDonald was compelled to clear. They were the cheaters. They were the liars. They, themselves, were what they were pretending to warn us against!
McDonald, on the other hand, Druffel writes, was only a genuine scientist of the first water made aware, as a result of his researches, that a significant number of UFO reports could not have prosaic explanations. He was justifiably intrigued.
He was also demonstrably and justifiably aghast that his much revered science, in the person of the military and the scientists it employed, was not taking a remotely competent look at it. That UFOs should be exhaustively investigated was abundantly obvious to McDonald, along with few significant others. He understood all too clearly that they were not being properly investigated by any means. So he readily took up, as a man who is not a coward will, the campaign to bring mainstream science on line for that competent investigation. We are well served, ultimately, that he did.
For his trouble, Druffel notes, he was bait-and-switched, drawn out over empty air with high-level and well-connected promises of the financial support necessary for a quality investigation which, carrot-like, never materialized, and he, along with his family, was phone-tapped and threateningly followed in obvious ways!
Concurrently, even as McDonald is hobbled and persecuted in his righteous study of the problem, Edward Condon throws away a half million dollars in government grants for a negatively biased foregone conclusion regarding UFOs that he would later foist on the scientific community and a hapless public, very nearly ruining the whole ufological enterprise with his patent obfuscation of it, out of hand.
The bastard! Verily.
Condon and Klass were too little, too late for a complete destruction of nascent ufology, it seems, as Druffel points out with ready alacrity. Condon was clearly and suspiciously identified by McDonald, even before the formal report was released, as a duplicitous ax-grinder who apparently had not even read the report which he chaired and for which he was writing the conclusion. McDonald also made decisively short work of Philip Klass’ ludicrous expository, too. Klass was, summarily, inarguably, and effortlessly dismissed.
But for McDonald’s sterling science, faultless logic, expansive intelligence, and stalwart bravery, the bucket of cold water that was poured on UFOs by these two might have snuffed out the interest in them, altogether. McDonald was truly key in keeping them alive for subsequent generations. Druffel makes this clear, also. Oh, but what McDonald might have done with the half million dollars that Condon just pissed away on his fake study. I don’t think it unlikely that humanity might already be living expressive lives in the asteroid belt as a result. A living ring of humanity around our sun; a glittering halo of progressive humankind living between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter … but I digress.
Why was Dr. McDonald a fool, then? Everything expressed thus far would seem to indicate that he was a fool’s very antithesis. And he was, good reader; he was. But he was also a Boy Scout and a believer. Not a believer in the paranormal or a believer in UFOs, but a believer in a government of the people, by the people, and for the people as a working reality.
He had a Boy Scout’s confidence in the institution of science that went where the data went and not where it could, itself, be driven. He believed in demonstrable right and the courage of tested convictions, not easy convenience, untested faith, and profitable complacency. He believed in the rule of law, the rationality of due process, and the efficacious profits of professional behavior; he believed in the inevitable elevations and advancements discovered in frank open-mindedness, and he believed in the certain ultimate rewards found in a passionate investigation for the truth. Truth though heavens fall.
McDonald’s belief was that his society was an accurate reflection of the preceding. Even as it was not then. It is not now. McDonald, astonishingly, even as he can’t really be blamed, one discovers, believed he fought his scientific battles on a field that was remotely level.
The monumentally magnificent fool, forgetting for a moment that he is exactly the kind of fool that this writer and Ms. Druffel, I suspect, aspire to be and always admire; in fact, the only foolishness we’d insist upon. Fairness, rationality, forthcoming-ness, progressiveness, consistency, intelligence, and individual respect one should be able to take for granted given no demonstration otherwise.
Any other path is back-stepping, inane insanity. It is also apparent foolishnesses, given the state of the union today and half a century’s ufological denial, extra-normal dismissal, and thoughtlessly executed and canted denunciation by profit-taking pelicanists, scurvy skeptibunkies, and conflicted klasskirtxians.
These were the presumptions Dr. McDonald held, writing off the inconsistencies of science he witnessed as a monumental cock-up of crass incompetence and not what it more than likely was—a monumental cover-up of crafted duplicity.
And one not in our best interests I’d suspect; nor, I predict, would Ms. Druffel. Those who have would keep on having without regard to the sensibilities of those who have not.
Would that McDonald had been better able to take stock of his culture’s duplicity, he might have proceeded along more successful lines. Druffel points out a few occasions where information held out on him by knowledgeable authority provoked assumptions he was making regarding the veracity of professional persons he was otherwise forced to deal with. Thus, more encouragement outwards on that precipitous limb.
These were the officious anti-intellectuals and ethically bankrupt authoritarian toads such as Klass, Condon, Menzel, a host of intelligence operatives, wind-sensing (and passing) politicians, and timid academic functionaries. Betrayers of truth, all!
Verily, Ann Druffel is clear that Dr. McDonald was a fine, upstanding, and intelligent man of ethical consistency and rare courage who was betrayed by persons closest to him; betrayed when those persons knew he was on the right track, doing the right thing, and doing it in exactly the right way.
Where was the doctor’s wife when he had the future by the shirttails and enigma by the scruff? Where were his learned colleagues who knew he was right when he was blindsided by the convenient bias of pompous detractors who’d have to scale a ladder to buff his shoe tops? Where were his friends? What have they done in the aftermath to keep McDonald alive then, and for the future?
Dr. McDonald’s story is a hard lesson because we are reminded of the prices that are sometimes demanded for the pursuit of human advancement.  He is a wonderful inspiration when we recall that his name will be remembered long after the names of Klass and Condon and Menzel are less than ignoble dust.
In closing, this is a book of such power, intelligence, and accuracy that it has compelled this writer to reassess all of Ms. Druffel’s past work in a new, more interested and attentive light. It is that kind of book. Not to diminish the volume in any way, but it could be a dazzling film featuring Matthew McConaughey or Russell Crowe.
They might do Mac justice.
Firestorm! The very title of Ann Druffel’s book is an astonishing hint to just how close McDonald may have been to putting us in the asteroid belt to which I’d alluded earlier. Be that as it may, I am improved, fortified, and emboldened with the reading of it.
I’d suggest you would be, too.

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Another Load Of Steaming Bragalia Via Rich Reynolds...

...Yet another load of steaming revisionist cack about Socorro from Anthony Bragalia and his ever insentient supporter or grasping coat-tailer, the facile, febrile, and ever fatuous UFO appropriationist, Rich Reynolds.

See, it doesn't matter that "preposterous posits" are unendingly made to counter the ufological reality that Bragalia and Reynolds abhor, it is enough that they be made at all, see, stirring duplicitous mud and obscuring that reality xtant. It only appears to be "cutting edge reporting" reader, in reality a too hasty and likely errant supposition with a gleeful Reynolds riding on its derided, discounted, and already discredited coattails.

Burned? Be shy.

This current steaming load of hasty manure is predictably signed off on by Tim Printy, noted uber-skeptic and reflex denier who pompously proclaims Socorro: solved at last!

This particular impacted and constipated revelation even comes with a warning against fair use reference so as to keep the discussion about it tamped down and/or mimic seriousness presumably. It matters not, the steam alluded to above still manages, and decidedly, to smell as sweet.

New and equally anxious dismissals about Trindade and Roswell are presumed to be promptly forthcoming.


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Oh please. Thrown into the same pot as child molesters, Bragalia (ever trustworthy) (that's sarcasm) tosses Tim Beckley, "Mr. UFO" himself, into the supposed squalor of UFO-dom. Beckley is considered equally heinous as literal criminals because he's produced and acted in porn. Which is legal, and to which Becklely has cheerfully acknowledged on many occasions. Seriously, get a life.

The Bragalia Files: THE SEEDY SIDE OF SAUCERS BY ANTHONY BRAGALIA: But he also has another source of revenue from exploiting a markedly different market- porn. He has contributed articles to the industry trade Adult Cinema Review (including an in-depth piece on porn actress Marilyn Chambers.) Beckley has also written and produced his own such films, including a raw porn “parody” entitled Driller: A Sexual Thriller. He has even appeared as onscreen talent and actor in films like Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires.
And yet, notice that UFO researcher David Jacobs is not on Bragalia's list.  Yes, I would switch the two; remove Beckley, and add Jacobs.



Lately, in my opinion albeit hastily penned, is the latest appropriation of that no talent slanderer and cyber-scourge Rich Reynolds...:

He pules:
"...Up next, I’ll provide comments on the deviants who roam the halls of the UFO community, one in jail, and one continuously spewing vile and vulgar comments trying to cover his tracks as a child pornographer."

One wonders who this mystery miscreant might be... ...given that if Rich Reynolds has knowledge of the identity of "Sex Criminals," and is not immediately forthcoming with that information to the proper authorities... ...then that may, in my opinion, be as heinous and egregiously disagreeable—every bit as bad, reader—as the activities of such a criminal Rich Reynolds coquettishly hints at.  

Who is this evil person?  Why is Rich Reynolds holding back on information he would suggest that he has? Why is the safety and welfare of innocent kids a seeming game or mere tabloid headline for Rich Reynolds?

Is the self-promotion of a tedious weblog any justification for children being put in harms way or in focus of a clear and present danger? 

Clearly, Rich Reynolds should get off the pot on this and put the safety of children ahead of his chimp-like sensibilities and mawkish efforts of faux-journalism.  As a father and grandfather of two lovely granddaughters, two and four, I demand Rich Reynolds quit playing games and tell the authorities!  This monster must be put behind bars!   WHO IS IT!


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Did Missing Malaysia Jet Encounter A UFO?

Did Missing Malaysia Jet Encounter A UFO?

I have been talking with Frank Feschino, Jr. over the past few days about the missing Malaysian passenger plane. To refresh the reader, this is the Boeing 777-200, Flight MH370 vanishing off the coast of Malaysia on March 8, 2014. This is a very big jet with a huge reputation for safety. ...Gone without a trace...

In steps, Feschino is a researcher and author of the UFO/military history books, Shoot Them Down — The Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952 and The Braxton County Monster-Updated and Revised Edition. He is by no means a stranger to researching missing planes and pilots, military aircraft accidents, UFOs and government cover-ups.

Jones and DelCurto

Feschino's primary case study, a case involving a missing USAF F-94 jet and 2-man crew—simply vanished into thin air, like the 777, while being tracked by several Air Force radars on September 12, 1952! Frank spent several years investigating this documented, but convoluted and mysterious, incident. He then reconstructed and recreated a precise scenario of events for this unexplained mystery entirely resurrecting the memory of forgotten pilots involved in the mishap!

From Jones Headstone...
It follows that after talking with Frank the past week I came to realize that he had some very interesting points to raise concerning this missing Malaysian jet above.  I've worked with Frank over many years, done several radio shows with him as well as a History Channel TV program.  I must allow that he is in no way scared to talk about controversial topics or give his point of view, a view with a lot of non-stretched external support. Verily, the constant reader understands neither one of us is afraid to speak our minds.

Additionally, and still on task, my being a retired veteran Army Officer and former Master Army Aviator provides that I can relate to Feschino's work handily. His work is very compelling... involving, as it does, the many missing airmen and planes and crashes that he researches, investigates, and writes about.  Frank's a tall order, and not just in person.

That comes personal. Feschino seems uniquely positioned to provide an insight on the highly strange, and do it in a manner respectful of the sensibilities of the hundreds of worried persons involved with the mystery above. The loss of life, if that's what it is, is huge.

As the days go by, the location of this Malaysian airliner is still unknown, and the mystery deepens. There has been no official explanation as to what actually occurred on that day... only speculation. The mercurial list of explanations as to what could have occurred to that Malaysian jumbo jet keeps getting longer and longer, and there are more hypotheses coming out than, at which, you could shake the proverbial stick!

Did the 777 airliner suffer a severe malfunction and explode in mid-air? Was it pilot error causing the jet to crash into the sea... or did it crash undetected into a remote jungle in Viet Nam? Was the jet hijacked by terrorists and taken to an isolated area or was it taken over by a crazed passenger who forcibly gained entry into the cockpit - subsequently crashing the plane? Did one of the pilots take over the jet and crash it or fly it to an undisclosed location? Another scenario; was the jet shot down by a hostile force or—did the plane explode, lose cabin pressure and render the pilots unconscious, causing the jet to continue on pilot-less on an unguided path to an unknown area and fate?  No one knows or is willing to say.

In other words, as theories run rampant throughout the world media, no one actually knows what happened on that early morning of March 8, 2014. But wait...on the other hand though, I ask, are there certain individuals in high political and military positions, who actually know the true story about the missing jet and are keeping a lid on the story? Did something so horrendous occur, that the powers to be, actually chose to keep the truth from the public?  It's not like it doesn't happen, eh?

While the world wonders what really happened to Flight MH370 and the 239 people on board, we'll explore some other possible explanations later on, but now, a brief synopsis of the missing passenger plane incident just to nail down what can be nailed down.

This plane, a Boeing 777-200 jet, departed from Kuala-Lumpar, Malaysia at 12:21 a.m. [1421 GMT Friday] and was scheduled to arrive at it's destination, Beijing, China at 6:30 am. [2230 GMTFriday]. The jet, which was carrying 239 people (227 passengers and 12 crew), had dropped off civilian radar about one hour into it's flight at an altitude of 35,000 feet. According to officials it disappeared without transmitting a distress signal.

Now, the details of the jet's flight path indicates it departed, Kuala-Lumpar, traveled northeast over Malaysia, passed over the eastern coastline and out over an area of water where the Gulf of Thailand is located to the west and the South China Sea to the north and east. The plane's projected northeast flight path would have next taken it over Vietnam and an area of Cambodia enroute toChina, but the plane never reached the southern coast of Vietnam.

Air Traffic Control officials reported the last contact with Flight MH370. This report indicated it was over water approximately 120 nautical miles east of Kota Bharu, Malaysia. Various media reports contradict the exact time that the jet dropped off civilian radar over water, but it was approximately one hour and ten minutes into its flight at about 1:30 a.m.

Now, if the reader has been following this story closely, they must have noticed the inconsistencies of the many contradicting reports made. These inconsistent reports involved some of the events and time-stamps contained within this missing jet incident taken as a whole. Was this reckless reporting by the Malaysian officials or was it done purposely to confuse the events and timeline of the actual story? Additional information had also stated, "Vietnamese Civil Aviation Authority claimed the pilots of the plane did not check in at it's scheduled time of 17:21 GMT."

Next, whether the plane changed direction and redirected southwest while being tracked by military radars at Butterworth, Malaysia is now a conflicted point. Malaysian officials have been changing their official statements with the position of the sun in the sky. Early reports said the plane may have redirected southwest, then updated reports said the northeast bound jet did redirect southwest, but passed over Thailand, flew over Malaysia and then over the Strait of Malacca. The jet reportedly had descended 3,280 feet in altitude and was detected by Butterworth military radars at 2:40 a.m. above the region of the tiny island of Pulau Perak to the west of Malaysia.

Now, more official reports from Malaysian officials contradict the redirecting scenario of the jet with additional information lately being revealed... information only adding to the mystery! On early Thursday, March 14, 2014, an article titled, "China satellite finds 'suspected crash site' in Malaysia jet hunt," reveals this new information. It states:
Beijing (AFP)...Malaysian air force chief General Rodzali attempted to explain why the search zone had been expanded, telling a press conference that military radar detected an unidentified object early Saturday north of the Malacca Strait off the Malaysian coast. He said that reading, taken less than an hour after the plane lost contact over the South China Sea, was still being investigated and they were not able to confirm it was MH370.

Now hold the phone reader—this statement by General Rodzali confusingly reveals the radar target tracked by the Malaysian Air Force was actually, "an unidentified object." Why was this point not brought up to the press when the story first broke and the search for the jet initially began.

Again reader, why so many contradictions and inconsistencies within the events of this missing commercial aircraft? Was the public intentionally misled because "an unidentified object" was involved in the incident?

Walking and quacking like a full-on duck, there begs to have been a cover-up in the making from the onset of this incident! The article also stated that a Chinese satellite had detected debris images of "objects in a 'suspected crash sea area' in the South China Sea," according to the Chinese State Science and Technology Administration.

Contrarily; however, a follow-up article then discloses that the objects sighted in the alleged, "suspected crash sea area," could not be found at all. The article, "Malaysia: No debris at spot shown in China images," states, "KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - (AP) Planes sent Thursday to check the spot where Chinese satellite images found nothing, a Malaysia civilian chief said." A guy could get whiplash in the reportage...

Another Thursday article reported the following information. The headline reads, Malaysia widens search for missing plane," and states,

"KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - (AP) Malaysian authorities expanded their search for the missing jetliner into the Andaman Sea and beyond on Thursday after saying it could have flown for several hours after it lost contact with the ground." The article once again talks about "an unidentified object" and states, "Malaysia's air force chief said Wednesday that an unidentified object appeared on military radar records about 200 miles (320 kilometers) northwest of Panag, Malaysia, and experts are analyzing the data in an attempt to determine whether the blip is the missing plane."

The article also states, "Investigators have not ruled out any possible cause for the disappearance of the plane." How do you just throw up your hands about a missing Jumbo Jet?

At this point, the fate of the Malaysian jet is still unknown. Several countries are participating in a massive search and rescue effort as several planes, boats, ships and helicopters are scouring numerous regions for the missing jet, a jet simply vanishing into thin air. As of this writing, the jet, nor any wreckage, or bodies have been found! This is even after an expansion of the original searched territory area.

Let's change some gears! In order to understand what may be going on today ...let's review the past. In many cases, we can learn—and also learn lessons from our history!

See, throughout aviation history, military pilots, including transport and fighter pilots as well as commercial pilots, have reported UFOs and encounters with UFOs from all parts of the globe. There is the famed July 14, 1952, Nash-Fortenberry Pan American incident, where those pilots saw and encountered UFOs over Virginia.  On February 24, 1959, the famous Killian incident occurred when an American Airlines passenger plane encountered several UFOs enroute to Detroit.  Captain Peter W. Killian's plane was paced and approached by several UFOs, which were also seen and reported by other nearby passenger planes. Then there is the classic 1953 Kinross AFB case where an F-89C Scorpion jet (lately in the news) vanished during a UFO intercept attempt over Lake Superior! Yes, reader, there are the numerous fighter pilots who pursued UFOs throughout the world—and still do—to protect their Countries. Moreover, these unidentified flying objects have been well documented in history by the brave human beings trammeling those hallowed halls of air.

Project Blue Book, the Air Force intelligence group investigating and evaluating UFO sightings from 1951 until 1969, is loaded with many reports and "unexplained" evaluations involving pilot UFO encounters. Even the late Project Blue Book Chief, Captain Edward Ruppelt observed the following in his 1956 book, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects:

Other assorted historians point out that normally 'UFOs' are peaceful, [fighter pilots] Gorman and Mantell just got too inquisitive, they just weren't ready to be observed closely. If the Air Force hadn't slapped down the security lid these writers might not have reached this conclusion. There have been other and more lurid "duels of death."

Read that again—"Lurid duels of death," reader—lurid duels of death.

This statement about UFOs was straight from the Chief of Project Blue Book himself, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt. Also note how he mentions the, "security lid" being "slapped down" by the USAF!  However; reader, it is still readily known that planes and UFOs have shared the skies with us for years and many strange things have happened as a result of our crossing their star-crossed path. One is compelled to ask: how many of those planes vanished during UFO encounters, including confrontations—be it by accidental encounters or intentional attempted intercepts?

In the First Edition of his 1955 book, The Flying Saucer Conspiracy, pioneer UFO researcher, author and former aide to Charles Lindbergh, Major Donald Keyhoe, USMC Retired, writes a chapter titled, "The Vanishing Planes." Here, he studies the disappearance of the famous incident that involved five TBM Avengers aircraft vanishing off the Florida coast on December 5, 1945 ...and the Martin Mariner search plane that subsequently vanished while looking for them!

During this era, folks, Major Keyhoe, a close friend of Charles Lindbergh, remember, was very well connected throughout both military and civilian aviation circles. Indeed Donald Keyhoe had friends in many high places, including top connections in the Pentagon. He was privy to many inside UFO reports that most would never see.

Donald Keyhoe

Yes, Keyhoe was on top of the UFO phenomenon and made everyone around him aware that he was, a true pioneer in the field. Additionally, in this regarded chapter from above, Mr. Keyhoe and an "aeronautical engineer," named Mr. Paul Redell, who first met Keyhoe around 1949, discussed some hypothetical theories involving the five TBM planes and the Mariner that vanished in 1945.  In concert with the Malaysian jet disappearance, the two men talked about the lack of any plane wreckage and how none of the crews were found, dead or alive... ...just vanished!

Donald Keyhoe stated the following about his conversation with Paul Redell:
"Those planes must have been completely destroyed," to which Redell replied, "Unless the saucers took them...If that theory is correct, an electromagnetic beam could have thrown off the compasses and also silenced the radios. The same could have happened to the Mariner."
Keyhoe responded and the following transpired:
"But to make off with all those planes!" I said. The saucer would have to be enormous."
"Well, we've had proof they use gigantic mother ships," Redell responded.

"In that Gulf of Mexico case, the one-inch blip on the scope shows the mother ship was over 1,000 feet long - probably nearer 1500 feet. Also, there may have been more than one saucer in theFlorida case. Again, I'm just temporarily assuming the capture explanation."
"It's still unbelievable," Keyhoe muttered. "I sat there, my mind half-numbed by the picture Redell had painted. Redell gave me a serious glance."
"If it's true—and I've been fighting the idea the way you're doing now—it might explain the Navy Super-Constellation's disappearance over the Atlantic in October of '54. You probably saw the story; there were 42 people aboard, some of them Navy wives and their children."
"Yes, I looked into that," I said. It occurred to me that it might have been destroyed by a saucer. It happened soon after those UFOs were flying over Virginia."

The back story here, reader, involves a Super-Constellation plane, R7V-1, in Navy service, which vanished without a trace on October 4, 1954. This plane departed Patuxent River NAS, Md. and was bound for Azores, Portugal when it vanished 350 miles from the US coast over the Atlantic Ocean with 42 Navy persons aboard. Keyhoe then writes:

"The Navy Constellation vanished exactly like the six planes from Fort Lauderdale. Radio silence - even though they had two transmitters. Not a trace of wreckage or bodies, though hundreds of planes and ships searched for days."

"I got one statement from Commander Andy Bright, head of the Navy's Aviation Section. He said they could offer no explanation."

Redell spread his hands, "They certainly wouldn't make this answer public."

"No, even if it was true. And there may be some strange explanation we haven't considered. But I believe this accounts for the blackout—even if the censors don't have the complete answer."
"Yes, you can see why they'd fight to keep it secret."

In this book, Mr. Keyhoe also reveals an incident that occurred on November 21, 1954.  A Brazilian passenger plane bound for Rio de Janeiro was cruising in the dark at 8,000 feet over the Paraiba River and was approached by several UFOs. Keyhoe states there were, "19 round machines, each more than 100 feet in diameter." It was reported by the pilot, "The saucers were flashing past and underneath my wings." During this encounter, the passengers became frantic as the UFOs flew near the plane, many of them at close range. Keyhoe also stated, "For two or three minutes, the cabin was a madhouse."

Mr. Keyhoe also reports an incident involving an American Airlines passenger plane, flying near Conowingo Dam, MD enroute to Washington, D.C. During this episode, the pilot, a Captain J.L Kidd, encountered a large UFO in 1953.  Donald Keyhoe states, "The unknown machine was coming swiftly toward them on a collision course. Instantly Captain Kidd shoved the controls forward." To avoid the UFO, the pilot had to dive his plane to avoid a collision with it. Mr. Keyhoe stated,

"The mysterious craft streaked overhead and vanished...the unknown craft had been a huge machine." This unexpected dive had thrown some passengers into the aisle and the pilot quickly radioed Washington Airport for doctors and ambulances. Keyhoe also explains, "Immediately the CAA made a check of every scheduled airliner and other cruising aircraft within 100 miles of Conowingo Dam. But not one had been near the DC-6." 

Folks, the UFO encounters with aircraft throughout recorded aviation history is absolutely staggering where most of the general public are entirely unaware of that fact! Here is another incident not widely known written by Harold T. Wilkins, author of the 1954 book, Flying Saucers on the Attack. Mr. Wilkins reported the following mysterious incident involving a British jet. He writes:

May 2, 1953: A British Comet (jet) air-liner met a mysterious disaster, immediately after it had taken off from an airdrome at Calcutta. Its speed was 500 miles an hour. Suddenly, it caught fire in the air, disintegrated, and crashed, the wreckage being strewn over an area of 5-1/2 miles. An investigator from the British ministry of Civil Aviation, Mr. J. H. Lett, said that lighting had not struck the Comet, nor had it come into collision with another plane, nor was there the slightest evidence of faulty materials, or bad workmanship. BUT HE FOUND THAT IT BROKE UP IN THE AIR, AFTER STRIKING SOME HEAVY AND UNKNOWN BODY!

Wilkins states, "Apart from any actual collision, what was this heavy and unknown body? He adds, "Who, I must be forgiven for asking again, knows, or can, at this time know?"

Do any of these plane stories from the past have anything to do with the mysterious circumstances that are still going on today? Now, fast forward to the current situation involving the missing Malaysian commercial jet Flight MH370. Interestingly enough, there are some contemporary UFO events occurring near this part of the world where our Malaysian jet, MH370 went missing.

I caution the reader that Frank and I are not here to judge the authenticity of these UFO incidents and videos, but are pointing them out to you, the reader—just to be aware. Does history repeat itself? Take a close look at these documented UFO incidents over the past few years! Judge for yourself if they are real, as well as the possibility that the Malaysian jet just may have encountered a UFO during its last flight.

It is obvious that Major Keyhoe and many of the associates within his group absolutely knew about the UFO and plane encounters occurring back in the 1940s and 1950s. Now, I ask you, did these encounters and events ever stop?

In Keyhoe's 1955 book, The Flying Saucer Conspiracy, the publisher's jacket statement reads,
"Major Keyhoe believes that this policy of censorship is sponsored by only a few individuals; men whose motive is to protect the public from possible hysteria. But he finds this censorship inimical to the Democratic way of life: man has a chance to act wisely only if informed of all of the facts. It is the policy of silence—not the 'silence group'—which Major Keyhoe deplores."

1). In 2007, a group of maneuvering UFOs was captured on video by civilians as they flew over the city of Hanoi in northern Vietnam. This video appears on youtube and is titled, "UFO Fleet,Vietnam" by Supernatural Aliens and was published on Feb. 22, 2014.

2). In May of 2008, a Reuters news story was released about a UFO that exploded off the east coast of southern Vietnam near Cambodia. This incident occurred six miles off the west coast of Vietnam near the Cambodian border in the vicinity of the island—Phu Quoc. Debris was confiscated from the debris field below the explosion. The explosion was said to be have occurred about five miles above the ground. A most interesting observation about this mysterious incident is the point that it actually occurred just north of the vicinity where Malaysian Flight MH370 passed out over the water from the Malaysian coast just before contact was lost! The article is titled: "Vietnam reports 'UFO' explosion...HANOI (Reuters)."

3). The most recent sighting with video footage occurred over the South China Sea in 2013. The publisher of the video, which was posted on YouTube, informs us that the video was taped from a commercial China Airlines plane during a night flight at an altitude of 40,000 feet. The UFO sighting was said to be taped on August 2, 2013 and published on August 10, 2013. This YouTube video is titled, "New UFO Sightings Video 2013" by Beelieve

Again, no veracity is ascribed by Feschino or myself for the referenced video, but taken together the happenstance is compelling.

Closing, Frank's asked me to reiterate a concern for the sensibilities of family members in this unspeakable potential tragedy, sensibilities affected by terrible losses to family and friends...

Remains... ...affairs adjudged above involve the highly, highly strange, affairs understandably if not acceptably trumping the fact of anyone associated with that sad jet aircraft. This would include, as a demonstration of sincerity, the non-cavalier involvement of my own family with that sad jet aircraft, eh? Involvement with a UFO, a UFO entirely without regard to provenance of same howsoever that is determined to be... ...changes everything. The reader knows that's true.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yes Virginia... The Government Still Takes UFO Reports...

Rich Reynolds, your inflated sense of self-importance is exceeded only by your inflated sense of impact on this field you regularly abuse, you slandering scourge and self-identifying field-abuser. Truly, you proselytize abject stupidity.

Obviously, the regard of a ufological affair is quite beyond you! Your shallow thinking has you grasping at the empty air you otherwise foul with your uninformed and hubristic exhortations.  Verily, you embarrass yourself to believe you have convinced the reader that you can contribute anything to it, at all, but invective, inane literary pissory, and hubristic misdirection.  Such seems indeed so.

See Ritchy, UFOs possess an audit trail, include a field closer to the true expression of the "corporeal" in an "existential reality," because they prove to be a reality well covered in seven abundant categories of evidentiary profundity eh?  It certainly surpasses the turbid limits in a shallow puddle of an inadequate imagination that is your own ...unequal to the task of their sensible regard.  It is not only more than one _can_ perceive, Mr. Reynolds, frankly it is more than _you_ show that you are _capable_ of perceiving. I'm reminded of "...Open mouth, insert foot, and echo internationally."  You do that, entirely without shame, frequently in those celebrations of the inflated mawkish you call web logs.  Bird droppings in brail make more sense.

All the preceding neatly invalidates your uninspired, non-constructive, and juvenile reductionism, you see.  Moreover, it is a clear demonstration that the highly strange is _wholly_ beyond your pathetically embarrassing and hubristic piss-wittery... demonstrating no capacity to understand, little aptitude to accept, zero ability to incorporate, and a fulsome lack of all skill to recognize!

The reader can put on top of that that you owe me effuse apologies and seven figure damages, imo, for _egregious_ slanders per se... ...twice, so you become especially intolerable strutting around like a named authority of some personal if unjustified social import and recognized gravitas. You are not.  You are, imo, a bad joke, a parody of yourself... ...and I would expect that "the universe is laughing at you behind your back..."

Remains that I am burdened to take my aforementioned damages a dime at a time from your backside in the court of public opinion. Besides and indeed, you only moonwalk your validity in your seeming progression forward. It only looks like forward progression where it actually moves the observer back for a retreat and _not_ an advance, eh? You have no imagination, no humor, and no real consistency... ...with nothing to show but ultimately pissing off most persons ever associating with you.

Refrain from your pompous commentary. Forego your obtuse assessments. Cease your tedious observations. Withdraw from the field. There's a good lad.  ...And thanks -- ÆL

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Orange Orb: Internet UFO Police Officer Sean Meers

Please read this: Vaeni on the trolls who deny and censor, in this case, those who cannot abide the fact that Emma Woods is not at fault nor behaved illegally -- er, for example. planting the suggestion while she was under hypnosis that she had multiple personality disorder.The Orange Orb: Internet UFO Police Officer Sean Meers