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SDI #469 - 20 Questions

SDI #469

20 Questions inspired at long, long last:

1. What is the real legacy of Richard Hall?

2. What was, and is, Richard Hall's reward?

3. What is owed Richard Hall?

4. Where is Richard Hall Found?

5. Did Richard Hall know science and internalize its philosophy?

6. Did Richard Hall put his faith in the system even as it abused him?

7. Is the contribution of Richard Hall as yet fully realized?

8. A question not asked, though begged, is who needs to grovel at the feet of the memory of Richard Hall in the first place and wash their feet before standing on the shoulders of same, in the second?

9. Why can Richard Hall, like James McDonald, be forgiven, even congratulated, for the only flaw either of them had in equal measure?

10. Are UFO organizations set against one another, past, present, and future, by the admitted non-admitted unilateral, even fascist, government?

11. Are UFOs ignored because they are too "hard" to countenance? How hard is it, and what groups find it hardest?

12. What did Richard Hall find objectionable in Ufology?

13. Has David Cherniack produced a 3 DVD box set of his, UFOs - The Secret History, and does it contain a collection of credible Ufologists seldomheard from but as significant as any?

14. What is the impact of UFOs - The Secret History?

15. Is the economy good or bad for UFOs?

16. How close to "the truth" is UFOs - The Secret History?

17. Has UFOs - The Secret History, gotten any untoward attention from irksome klasskurtxians? If not why not?

18. Is the late abductioneer John Mack heavily featured in the bonus discs for UFOs - The Secret History, among significant others?

19. Is the extraterrestrial hypothesis examined in a scholarly manner within the bonus discs?

20. Is, apart from the documentary proper, rabid speculation rationally regarded in the bonus discs?

Zounds and Mirgatroid listener, but over an hour of graspable outrĂ© remains? 

Cherniack continues and Lonnie Zamora and Mac Tonnies are remembered. In one of the several clips provided... Errol's Bobbi makes her report regarding oddnesses from back in the day vicinity "Go Home Lake," in Canada... Grant Cameron reveals one Turner Holt, President Roosevelt and hisSecretary of State Cordell Hall -and Holt's cousin- involving proclaimed aliens in big glass jugs and a crashed saucer in the Capital Building of the time, 1935.

"Somebody should know about this stuff," Holt's lucid, moral,and now elderly daughters report... Lehmberg walks you to your carriage outside ranting the usual jeremiad of buxom seditions and unsubtle heresies...

...Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own! Subscribe!

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