Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Orange Orb: UFO Researchers, Witnesses: Learn These Signs of Psychotics, and, Beware Deviant Homosexuality

The Orange Orb: UFO Researchers, Witnesses: Learn These Signs of Psychotics, and, Beware Deviant Homosexuality: do my best to avoid giving the verbose stuffed shirts at UFO Iconoclasts -- now UFO Conjecture (s) -- any attention, but sometimes one has to present the insanity in UFO Land to the rest of the inhabitants. Particularly so since so many otherwise reasonable researchers insist on playing with them.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lighting The Flatwoods Fuse Part II of II

Lighting The Flatwoods Fuse
by Alfred Lehmberg


When I awoke early on the seventh everyone had already been up for awhile moving like a platoon of Army Ants. On the previous day, after I'd retired, it had been discovered that the venue where the event had been planned was short required sound and lighting equipment! Replacement equipment provided by the furious activity of Larry Bailey's two younger sons drew too much power for the recently restored 50's type movie theatre and was blowing fuses. The sound and light boards needed to be virtually rewired, heavy klieg lights had to be procured and mounted, colored gels and masks were cut and affixed to carousels while rehearsals and run-throughs had to be completed—yesterday!

Where were the expected harsh shouts, finger-pointing, hurtful allegations, angry accusations, and exasperated capitulations? Nowhere to be found, reader! In its stead was a calmness, ready volunteerism, and sacrifice to common cause. I had other things I probably should have been doing, but I even found myself setting up Stanton Friedman's 35mm slide presentations or helping Doug Gokey, one of the event security guys, set up the boards and displays of Feschino's Flatwoods mini-museum.

Forgetting the preceding for just a moment, I report that I was treated to encounters with my fellow Homo sapiens rather adding to the unusual fellowship—fellowship so thick you could breath it like it was oxygen enriched air:

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lighting The Flatwoods Fuse

Lighting The Flatwoods Fuse
by Alfred Lehmberg


Here it is, then: proof positive that while I've "...eaten dead burnt bodies and still have veins in my teeth," I'm just another old softy when you boil me down to my component parts. Indeed, I wouldn't even bring this up but that I had too many witnesses. Caught blubbering like an old pensioner as a result of certain occurrences; however, poignant, I make my report.

Still, so as to put the first efficacious spin on it, thereby, I'll tell you myself, see? I was moved.

Seriously, what brought this blubbery verklempt-ness about... forgetting for a moment the "bodies and veins" of the preceding paragraph and the fact that, properly provoked? I am quite capable of pulling off an offending head and using the resultant neck for a field toilet. A former Senior TAC at the US Army's only Warrant Officer Candidate School, I've made former Navy SEALS, training for an Army Warrant, tense.

Pray, then. What precipitated my teary "verklemptitude (tm)"?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Biggest UFO Flap In United States History!

First there was the biggest UFO Flap in United States History. The Summer of Saucers 1952 knew UFOs to damn near land on the White House lawn but certainly impinge upon Washington airspace prohibited by consequences of deadly force! Jets were scrambled into launched futility at UFOs violating that airspace again and again. Orders were issued to jets all over the country to _SHOOT THEM DOWN_! On September 12, there were 21 hours and change of continuous UFO sightings over the United States. Jets were launched. At the same time, there are credited reports of UFOs being forced down in obvious mechanical distress. One such incident occurred on the old Fisher Farm in Flatwoods West Virginia.

...Sounds a little like secret and undeclared war with ET, eh?

Monday, December 15, 2014



'Twas the night before Christmas
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring...
Uh-oh... Not this year people!

Wait! What?
This Christmas eve—gather 'round the fireplace—hold onto your red hat—grab hold of your jingle bells and take a big hit of the fortified EggNog!  Be prepared, friends and loved ones, to hear a story of a different kind this Christmas eve that will have you at the edge of your sleigh seat!

See, this year there will be real "creatures" stirring about the house on December 24!  Frank C. Feschino, Jr. appears as a guest on Dark Matter Radio with host Martin Willis. This Christmas eve, tune in to have another visitor besides Santa Claus down the chimney, perhaps, when author Frank C. Feschino, Jr. talks about his investigation into the infamous "Flatwoods Monster"!   His latest book details the entire "Braxton County Monster" incident, forgetting a secret air war with ET!  Remember, reader, Flatwoods is the END of the story.  First you have to wade UFOs making effortless incursions into sensitive airspace around Washington, DC during the Summer Of Saucers in 1952, orders subsequently issued to the military of the United States to shoot those UFOs down, 21 plus hours of sustained UFO activity on the 12th, a crash landing of a fiery ball on the Bailey Fisher observed by sober adults and children... and then you can start talking about a "Flatwoods monster"... followed by a HUGE aftermath, eh?  Those are the facts.
Frank Feschino, the authority on this terrifying close encounter incident of September 12, 1952, will be discussing his findings on this classic case, which he has spent more than 22-years investigating and researching. The incident goes something like this: "When what to my wandering eyes should appear... was a 12-foot-tall creature—wearing encounter-suit space gear."
For information to hear the show please go to (
For additional information about Frank Feschino's research and book (plus 45 minute documentary) please go to

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wait... What?!

Feschino, at the "TREE" taking tree samples
for analysis with a MUFON STAR team.
Analysis was inconclusive...
Wait... What?!

In 2004 I was fresh from a substantive and emotionally messy donnybrook of the ufological kind. This regrettable kerfuffle involving the man called Mortellaro was the result of a knowing betrayal of my trust—neatly and before the fact—a betrayal as regards some kind of corporeal thread or inroad into this thing we're all interested in involving UFOs.

I'd bet on the wrong horse, frankly, and been humiliatingly hoaxed. Husband, father, grandfather, Air combat Veteran, Retired Army officer, Master Army Aviator, Summa college graduate, and aspiring writer on non-fiction, I was once burned, now, and maybe three times shy.

Decidedly, I was not ripe for any subsequent story the likes of the "Flatwoods Monster": ostensibly, a claw-handed forest nixie sporting a sweet-sixteen skirt and Darth Vader cape—a cape tricked out with a collar high in the back like a big ace of spades. It was like something from of a bad Flash Gordon knock-off, sincerely—that, in 1952, and shooting red beams from its moribund eyes while oozing evil smelling gas, had "spooked a bunch of hillbillies in the hills of West Virginia." I was a fool, eh? Yes, yes I was. Such are the uninformed, always judging a book by its cover or first authoritative seeming explanation.

I now know Frank Feschino and have known him...well, even when I didn't know I knew him, actually. We'd met even not introduced. Stanton Friedman would take care of that later. I digress.

At a Project Awareness UFO Conference last Century in 1996 he embarrassed me, a tad, in front of Stanton Friedman. The reader thinks, perhaps, that this might put your writer even further "off" the silly Flatwoods tale. It certainly could have. I'd likely never have bought Frank's book and perhaps even written off Stanton Friedman. I would have served myself ill as it turned out.

The story briefly: after meeting Friedman for the first time and making the classic blunder of calling him "Doctor Friedman," and after suffering the obligatory admonishment not to do so—"No Free Degrees"—I rather juvenilely gushed that I had been "following him for years." Frank, sitting at Friedman's book table, immediately quipped, "Hey Stan, it's lookin' like you might need another one of those restrainin' orders." There was some small laughter in the large group around Friedman. I hope I didn't go—too pathetically—red. I was nonplussed. General Officers didn't mock me like that, even caught short...

...Eh. I sucked it up.

The years ticked by. Passed the Project Awareness conference I continued to "follow" Stanton Friedman—along with my (then) "triad" of Ufological Stalwarts Robert Hastings and Richard Dolan explained below—discovering along the way that Stanton Friedman was cultivating an interest in a convoluted affair regarding that same "Flatwoods Monster" mentioned above. Luckily for us both I didn't know the guy who huckle-berried me in front of Friedman was the "Flatwoods Guy," at all, or these words would have perhaps never been written. I don't know. I don't aspire to the petty, but I could be petty sometimes, regrettably.

It remained, my incredulity and disappointment with Friedman over this Flatwoods affair was, well... profound. C'mon! The Flatwoods affair was wild blueberry and horse-muffin nuts! ...Though, real irony is the subsequent discovery that the stark and very citation heavy and so very demonstrated reality, corporeality, and existentiality of the Flatwoods tale, reader, is even more nuts. It works like that sometimes. Wait... what?!

We were all into the cynical new Century, 9/11 was behind us even if a still fresh wound, and I, as already alluded, was still raw with my own wounds wrought of a virulent hoaxer's singularly psychopathic betrayal... ...but it was Stanton Friedman, reader! I was intrigued and I owed Stan the benefit of a reasoning doubt!

Still! What possible interest could Stanton Friedman have in a bunch of uneducated hillbillies who can't tell a space monster—and a stupid looking one, at that—from a barn owl... ...even if a heavy battalion of men and equipment were dispatched to the area—immediately, boat to bazookas—to deal with it. Wait... what?!

Reader, that only begins the "disconnect," eh? Entirely, then, on the recommendation of Stanton Friedman, I wrote Frank and asked him for a review copy of his book. I had to see what it was about and what could compel a man like Friedman to get so hard behind Frank's book that he'd even write the foreword and afterword to same! Tractor and Caboose!

Enticed to the edge of this shiny new rabbit hole, then, and cutting to the chase, I found ample reason to dive in, headlong. See, what I discovered in the long fall were not "uneducated hillbillies spooked by haunts in the mountains" but responsible, adequately educated, and wholly with-it country people—people who knew what a freakin' barn owl was by God—and people who thought they were either effecting a rescue on some kind of a crashed plane covered in flames, or they were picking up pieces of a meteorite ...silently... falling to Earth. Wait... what?!

The reader discovers "Wait... what?!" becoming a familiar refrain. Here's four more: that there was a heavy and immediate military involvement, that the area was swamped with tens of thousands of the compelled curious, that the case was heavily featured in the Air Force's then classified Project Blue Book and then obsessed over by the media of that time... all this begs the question as to exactly what did occur in those hills immediately south of Flatwoods on September 12th, 1952. There is much, much more, reader, than can even be alluded to in this piece. Buy the book!

Famed researcher Ivan Sanderson wrote in that same Flatwoods antiquity that something occurred on that fateful night, but that what occurred was "part of an unknowably big picture" he couldn't glean or get a perspective on. Feschino, frankly, has gleaned that perspective and has perceived the big picture.

What Feschino has painstakingly compiled since 1996 is a mass of Data Points revealed from reliable military and civilian sources. These indicated something surpassed the "requirements to enter the unlit and unhallowed black-felt halls of the highly strange," reader... a bizarre tale of the harassed occupants of UFOs shot from the sky by the Air Forces of the United States... on the authority of official orders to shoot those UFOs down when our forces encountered them! Wait, it gets weirder than that.

In and of these data points, comparatively unremarkable and ufologically prosaic when taken by themselves—much like dabs of pointillistic paint—as one zooms out from them in reflection on their obvious relationship to each other, remember, they actually paint a picture in the corporeal as compelling and as detailed as the Mona Lisa. The image is there. The "Monster" is real.

Moreover, the Flatwoods Monster Affair is a "myth," reader, only in as much as a wholesale fiction—which the Flatwoods story only resembles—would already be forgotten, right? See, a Myth is only a myth—as the late and renowned educator Joseph Campbell took pains to point out—because there is an existential reality there at the taproot, a reality providing the support and substantiation required to power it forward through time from its hoary beginning! The Flatwoods Monster incident is a highly strange reality, reader. Let a truly intrepid Frank Feschino lead you through it.

Closing, I had remarked about a "triad" of UFO researchers above, who, when taken together are so compelling about the reality of the UFO that one cannot read their books without being given pause on the very stark and corporeal actuality of same. That "triad" is now a "quadrature," reader. Frank Feschino—with top marks for seriousness, sobriety, and intelligent succinctness—is now chiseled indelibly on my own ufological Mount Rushmore. Read this book to see for yourself and be astounded. Be—very—astounded.

Friedman, Feschino, Hastings, and Dolan

Oh, and Frank, as we say in Alabama: "I got'cher 'restrainin' order, ri-cheer!" [big grin].

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The ETH Revalidated: Such Seems So!

"The ETH only needs to be 'validated' by those who
have not had the experience themselves of something so
incontrovertible it robs them of the luxury of doubt."  -- John Velez

The ETH Revalidated: Such Seems So!
by Alfred Lehmberg

The wholly extraterrestrial and so alien "other" (ET) is furtively regarded—and with all trepidation—early in the 21st Century.  ...Avoided assiduously. This avoidance encourages a manner facilitating an allowance for one to keep a certain "distance" from even the concept of same, as the mere concept seems the quintessential slippery slope to a, forget justified, philosophical chaos... ...unsettling even as it is inevitable.   Still, one does not catch a train by letting it run them down.
This avoidance is even as one is compelled by history or circumstance to make the admission that "such" must indeed be "so" without regard to slopes slippery or otherwise.  I know it's a game changer and huge sacrifices, likely, must be made... ...even where cosmic gains are as possible.  That doesn't give it a pass or remotely excuse it.   The perspicacious man doesn't search for answers, he faces them.
This writer's position is not lightly taken.  Seven massive categories of compelling evidence is a provocative encouragement that "such is so."  The corroborating involvement of vetted associates with abundant intelligence and research experience says "such is so."  Personal experience in an honest individual's felt presence of the moment  says "such is so."  Such would seem... and decidedly, so.  Consistency is as consistency does, good reader.  
There are reasons alluded to as regards our trepidation, such as they are, for the "facilitation of denial" also alluded to above.  These include (1) reflexive fear of the unknown, (2) reactionary knee-jerk rejections of even constructive change, (3) overly conservative concerns regarding the invalidation of previously held but now justifiably challenged faiths or mores, or (4), just not wanting to re-do work thought done.  On the whole: not the bravest of "reasons," eh?
Yeah... ET would change everything, but given the current state of affairs that might not be a bad thing.  Wouldn't it unite us at the least? 
Be that as it may, over the years this rejection of the ET infects even the study of an "admitted" ET, itself.  Resolved!  There is a dense plethora of explanatory alternatives to ET providing for that "distance," one can readily see. 
Consider the Extra-dimensional Hypothesis (Occupied adjacent dimensions, but us, comfortingly).   Behold the Extra-chronological Hypothesis (Time Travelers, but us, comfortingly).  Review the Intra-terrestrial Hypothesis (Hollow Earth, but us, comfortingly).  Regard the Crypto-terrestrial Hypothesis (Of the Earth though perceived with extreme difficulty, but us, essentially).  There is even an Entheogenic Hypothesis: the "Alien" tuned in to receptive consciousness made receptive by psychedelic substances like LSD, DMT, or Ayahuasca.  That one may not be as crazy as it sounds, still it's something of a long-shot. There are more of these "alternatives," that's what plethora means
What do they hold in common?  All move evidential goal posts decidedly further and further away from the existential or provable; indeed there becomes no "proof" enough!  ET becomes a shadow—a mere suggestion of itself and "plausibly deniable" for its aforementioned shadowiness.  Consider now, reader, that Humanity is no shadow and is entirely existential... this is demonstrated as a result of ones felt personal experience which is totally inured in the corporeal.  Here.  Now.  Real!  Follow?
Stanton Friedman, who does not find my thesis entirely revolting, alludes to these alternative hypotheses as the "ABA" conjectures. "Anything But Aliens." The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) remains; however, so far up our ufological nose we do indeed feel alien boot heels scuffing collective chins!
How does that happen? How can such a high degree of "certitude" be justified?  Well, as a result of being able to use the unquestioned reality—the unquestioned existentiality—of ourselves as the extant proof of that contention, reader!  Here's how that might work.
First: Yes.  The ETH is correct. This is true whether or not any of the more unlikely hypotheses exist and are correct.  They can exist; nevertheless, the ETH is, at the last, the more likely to be the correct conjecture. One can arrive at this conclusion handily, themselves, if one remembers the old saw regarding (1) unending time, (2) abundant monkeys, and (3) plentiful typewriters. Shakespeare does indeed get tapped out—eventually—even if not in the best spelling, eh?
See, anything that can, and remotely, "happen"... ...happens, given time. When it does that, when something makes that "occurrence," into our corporeal existentiality, Alfred North Whitehead, for one, allowed as how it would seem to exceed some kind of " 'expression' formality" or " 'event' threshold." A subsequent occurrence, then, seems almost encouraged... almost like a proof of concept was all that was necessary for a reproduction to be  Then?  ...And not ending there... It happens, again.  How often?
Consider, for example: fact, the nascent universe foments bigger suns than Sol to form. Fact, Fusion physics dictates that iron is the last element able to be made in that fusion process in any of them.  Fact, fusion just doesn't have the juice to go any further.  From where, then, must come the remaining elements beyond Iron on the periodic table and observable in our universe?   
Observe: in the cosmic cosmos relatively fresh from its big bang, and in the furious bowels of the monstrous stars aforementioned, paired silicon atoms are "produced" then they try, fail, and then try, try again... to combine into humble iron. Eventually, with so many silicon atoms trying... and, with so much time available? Heat?  Pressure?  Energy?  An iron atom (*ping*) occurs... is fused from the two silicon atoms.
The occurrence of that iron atom doesn't happen just once, mind. Formality achieved? It's recurrence traces an asymptotic and accelerating curve of manufacture so fast and extreme that the newly created and quickly amassed iron—an element able to suck up huge amounts of excess heat as a feature of its new design as an inviolate element—abruptly puts the star's fire, instantly, out!
...Huge masses of boiling matter once held suspended in a heretofore hellish conflagration of fusion fire now crash in a cosmic crush to a center mass! The resultant rebounding explosion, or super nova, has all the power to manufacture the elements passed IRON that fusion could not and then scatters them to the starry stellar reaches on its fiery cosmic winds.
Those additional elements are on the way to the self-aware intelligence we are speaking of, recall, occurring in a manner analogous to the iron above. Nothing happens once is the point. If it happened? It is happening!  It's happening now!  It will happen!
Be aware a self-aware and consequence understanding intelligence "happened," in this universe.  It was ourselves.

...But not just once, I remind a patient reader, no.  ...Many, many times, right here on this planet. Many different species of bipedal tool using hominid had religion and considered an afterlife.  Don't kid yourself that your species was the miracle jewel in creation's crown, eh?
Meet the folks, indeed...
...And not just hominids. Cetacean expressions in whales and dolphins... Then through Avian expressions in parrots and crows, even to mollusca: squid and octopus... vast expressions of self-aware intelligence right on this planet!  Intelligence abounds right here!  The suggestion that it has occurred elsewhere is emboldened of needs!
Truly, when a cornucopia of thousands of galaxies of unknown stars can be masked with a grain of sand held at arm's length at any point in the sky one would care to hold it... ...what does that say regarding the time and opportunity for adjacent self-aware intelligences, beyond ourselves, to have sprung into existence everywhere else?  Wither, yon!
See, we know they're "there" precisely because we're "here." This is without regard to foolish and pretty cowardly notions that it doesn't matter, anyway, allowing they can't get here because we can't get there... eh?  What pompous and unjustified hubris!
No, a wide smear of craft, competence and capability in that expressed universal self-awareness dictates that they can get here... and remembering 7 categories of evidence pertaining to just that? Have! You didn't think we'd be anywhere near the top in a list of these occurrences, did you?  Don't.  I offer you're better served sans any hubris, at all.
...Very politically incorrect. Then, real Science and Philosophy often are.
It's a rabbit hole... sure.  But then everything is, eh?  We don't even understand ourselves, it is clear, awash in Whitehead's fallacy of "mis-placed concreteness..." everything you "know" is wrong...    Still... if we see a rabbit we can look around and expect to find another kind of rabbit... bird ...even a person if you consider something like Australopithecus' nascent person above... I would go on to logically presume another self-aware intelligence capable of abstract thought somewhere else in a vast, vast universe.  Seems abundantly reasonable to me...
Consequently, I find I have to wonder at the reluctance of most people to even consider the potentiality, or sneer at same.  Perhaps it's like the difference between UAP (Unexplained aerial Phenomena) and UFO.  The former is wholly unexplained, a nebulous phenomena, and does not even have to BE there, eh?  Folks can keep it at a distance...
The latter, on the other hand, is identified as "there" at the start and presumes an association with intelligence—"them"... The "other."  ...Up your nose as I pointed out earlier... I happily eschew the UAP for the UFO!
...Just recently, reader, a heretofore unfound tribe of forest people, AND UNBELIEVABLY, too, were discovered deep in the uncharted tracts of the Amazon Rain Forest... and this in the 21st Century?  Making no judgment on the quality of either I point out that to them... We're the other!   The ET, simply, is as we are.  We're better served and serve each other better embracing that... none dare call it, "fact."

Sunday, September 21, 2014

David Jacobs On Coast To Coast AM...

David Jacobs has risen once again from his moldy crypt of deleterious ufological retrograde to appear on the increasingly irrelevant George Noory version of Coast To Coast AM, a program so insipid and cognitively bereft that Art Bell has ordered the program to stop mentioning his name as a historical taproot or fellow... and to which I'd long cancelled this writer's subscription.  Among the highlights of the, in my opinion entirely disingenuous, appearance: 

o... Noory welcoming Jacobs back onto the show, and remarking that everywhere he goes, people bring Jacobs up, and that it’s always a positive note...

How can this be remotely true when, as it certainly appears to this writer, Dr. Jacobs is clearly heard on audio tape enquiring after soiled undergarments he has otherwise once admitted shall not be scientifically processed in the first place, suggests the use of medieval devises of sexual torture he would have supplied in the second place, and thirdly, sans all training or efficacious/professional best practice, having the withering audacity to suggest to a human being in his care and in a "suggestible state" that she is dangerously psychotic and requiring heavy sedation with numbing psychotropic drugs?  No one has a "negative" note!?  Well, here's one.

o... That his book is coming out next year...

Oh good, another fear mongering tome to titillate a credulous base unaware of the controversy swirling around "Instant Message" hypnosis sessions demonstrably leading a subject with invented histories and suggestive scenarios... as ridiculous as they are illogical and as inaccurate as they are salacious.  Such seems to be so.

o... That he thinks he is “doing it right”, and Noory agreeing with him...

How can he be doing anything "right" given that he is not trained at all in the procedure he uses to retrieve memory: hypnotic regression, and where that hypnotic regression is soundly discredited as a retrieval devise by learned persons academically lettered in the psychologies discussed?

o...  That he always keeps his subjects’ confidentiality and he has never betrayed it...

How can this remotely be believed where Dr. Jacobs is, one, on tape betraying the confidence of one subject to another subject (ie discussing subjects with other subjects is my read), and two, discussing embarrassing details, disparaging from his privileged position as regards one Emma Woods on Nation-wide radio (The same Coast To Coast with George Knapp) and too many Podcasts to easily count.  Not a WORD of "cease and desist" from the good doctor at the slanders and baseless cat-calls of anonymous trolls, named personalities, and bullying fan-boys.  This is over a period of years, now, largely a result of her refusal to stay down after being done a significant wrong. I applaud her sincerity and her courage and support same.

o...  That all his subjects say the same thing and don’t know that his other subjects are saying it (his usual outright disingenuousness...)

Review this writers immediately preceding comment!  Moreover, a women can't be criticised for taking steps to recapture stolen self-respect especially when that self-respect is and has been so inappropriately discounted,  or why are women worth but seventy cents on the dollar when experience only shows they can be a bargain at at $3.50?  

o...  That his new book will offer changes to how we view the subject...

Based on "what," covering "what," and about "what" given the damage to the field already done with his very demonstrable professional betrayals and professional malfeasance?  His easy conjectures and grand leaps.  His illogics and and lack of perspicaciousness.  His meandering consistency and easy mean-spiritedness.

o...  That he prides himself on doing the best style of questioning imaginable, and how what he gets from it all leads in one direction...

How is this possible where his extant record shows only interrogation skills corrupted by an unsupported fear mongering agenda, a decidedly incompetent style of leading questions, and a bloated sense of self-worth and efficaciousness...

o...  That his new book will provide a new taxonomy of hybrids and aliens...

Based on what science or evidentiary pathway, vetted testimony or adjacent support?  One would suspect that such taxonomy might be jerked whole cloth from the prolapsed paranormal pore of a patent pin-head promulgating a patent portentousness, eh?  ...Not even good science fiction.

o...  That his book will show that the alien take-over of the planet has happened in lots of other places too...

Uh-huh... words signifying exactly bupkis even if one of a singular effulgence.

o...  That he is a historian, not a scientist, and making a joke that he is always reminded of that (and Noory snickering)...

Perhaps not a "scientist," sure, but a PhD from an accredited University should still be well aware of the rules of science and evidence, logic or critical thinking, and compiling a substantive history based on a science of history, eh?  Dr Jacobs does not possess these skills it would seem.

o...  That he first went into the history of anti-communism because he was fascinated by newspaper articles saying that the Russians used beautiful young women to lure men into the party, and he snickered that, “Gosh, well maybe it was worth it!” He says that he then went into doing his PhD on the image of women in film. However, he says that he changed it to the controversy over UFOs. (Very illuminating ... )

One would think that a predatory sexual proclivity might pervade on a raison d'être for career motivation and wonder if young women saw an over-representation in an Abduction study's
Sine qua non for obvious reasons.  Do they?

o... That he now has only one interest, which is staying alive (presumably still evading the hybrids)

Maybe he suspects he'll slide into a well earned hell upon passing like all good psychopaths, one would hope, and so fears death for that reason...

o...  That he is evolving a theory that aliens download their knowledge, essence, soul, into hybrids, and reincarnate themselves into the hybrids on earth that way, which he will elaborate on in his new book.

Well, at least we'll have that to look forward to, eh?  More baseless conjecture, fatuous thesis devolution, and forgetting any juvenile chubby-bunching.  Paranormal Argle-Bargle seemingly erudite but dispersing like smoke upon examination?

I recall a recent Facebook exchange between Errol Bruce Knapp and John Velez in which the question came up about why John Mack was the only one of the three investigators who got reincarnation reports from his abductees. John said he'd call Jacobs to find out.  Later, he's back on the page reporting to readership that Jacobs vehemently denied ever, ever getting abductees who reported reincarnation—and that the late Budd Hopkins never did, either! John took Jacobs word for fact and suggested words to the effect that Mack may have misrepresented or misinterpreted his subjects reports of reincarnation.  I have to observe that Mack never presented the vapid disingenuousness for which Jacobs seems legendary.

See, now we hear that, says Jacobs, aliens have found a way to concretize both "essence" and "soul" and, by downloading these digitized vagaries into the earthbound hybrids, the aliens themselves are becoming reincarnations! Tilt!

Did Jacobs just make this stuff up or did he get it from his abductees? If he's not making it up, he apparently got it from hypnotized subjects and has been less than truthful with John Velez about never getting reports of reincarnation, eh?

o...  That he is desperate to get his hands on alien or hybrid DNA to study, and jokingly asking a caller to get him some.

That's a lie...  There are geneticists standing in line to provide legitimate protocols for just that kind of study with persons that Dr Jacobs has identified himself as likely hybrids! Well, one geneticist anyway... ...Dr Jacobs?  Let me introduce you to Dr. Tyler Kokjohn!

o... Noory thanking Jacobs for everything that he has done in the field, and saying that Jacobs’ new book is coming out soon

Yeah... thanks for so much "nothing" it remains paradoxically round, firm, and fully packed like an impacted colon.

So ends this episode of the continuing saga of Severus Psychopath and his "messaging" hybrids.  Stay non-tuned.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Flatwoods Monster" Movie?

Caricature by Dennis Rano 
"Flatwoods Monster" Movie? 
62 Year Anniversary of the “Flatwoods Monster” Incident
by Alfred Lehmberg

Author Frank Feschino, Jr. has worked continuously for more than two decades on various aspects of his ongoing and seemingly bottomless “Flatwoods Monster” research project. For ten of those years he's traveled the length and breadth of the whole nation presenting lectures on and exhibits regarding that research.  In the past three years—and recovering splendidly from the publisher botched first edition in 2004—he's released two revised “Braxton County Monster” books, appeared on numerous radio shows/live pod-casts, completed countless newspaper interviews, was feted at many book signings or meets and greets, and then put together a compelling film documentary which can be viewed free of charge on titled The Braxton County Monster/Flatwoods Monster: book by Feschino... très bien, eh?

Hugely significant, Frank was flown to California just last fall to contribute an interview about his “Flatwoods Monster” investigation for James Fox's UFO docudrama 701-The Movie.  Such has been so.

There is something out there...

Since then he's made some more public appearances and been interviewed on more radio programs, sure, but lately things had been quiet on the Feschino front.  What's up?

Now, in the past when Feschino had dropped off the radar and disappeared from the public eye like this it's meant but one thing: he's busy working on something substantive providing for an expanding support involving his research projects.

Well, reader, true to form, it seems he was involved in just such a matter!

This year, it being the 62nd anniversary of the "Flatwoods Monster" incident and with September 12th fast approaching, I spoke to Frank on the phone to see what he has been up to—get spun up on the "what was what."   Indeed, he's updated me with some new information about his latest initiative: it's a toe-curler.

Cutting right to the chase, Feschino advises that he has been working on and putting the finishing touches to no less than a movie treatment of the “Flatwoods Monster” incident!  See, to date he has led the longest and most productive investigation into the “Flatwoods Monster” case, in history!  Thus, he proves himself an authority on this highly strange incident after 22 years of truly unparalleled research.

Feschino, remember, is an author, an illustrator, a photographer and a competent video camera operator.  A quick back-story on Frank: for four years he was trained in illustration at the prestigious Paier School of Art by world-class artists Rudolph Zallinger, John Massimino and Kenneth Davies. He's also studied photography for professional applications.

During Feschino’s investigation he used his extensive art training alluded to, for example, when he could sit down with original witnesses and draw “police-style” renderings as these witnesses described their “Flatwoods Monster” or the "Braxton County UFOs" to him.  Frank also painted or penciled the dozens of illustrations he used for his books and took all the photographs contained in his books as well.

At Phillips Jr. College, Frank was trained by Hollywood steady-cam operator, Richard Davis, where he excelled in the operation of same. Too, Feschino studied the myriad aspects of film or video production but received his Associates Degree in production and business.  Feschino is by no means unqualified.

Subsequently, Frank’s camera operation and directing skills had enabled him to record many of the witnesses involved in the Flatwoods case throughout the years. Most of these taped interviews are the only ones in existence, I'm told, thus making Feschino most singular on the blame line for untangling the truth about the Flatwoods case and preserving it for an unvarnished, and so braver, history.

Additionally and for the record, reader, during Frank’s investigation he also accumulated the largest collection of "Flatwoods Monster" documentation from around the world. He amassed a huge collection of military books and attendant documents gathering countless periodicals from that 1952 era as well.  All of this material is the mortar used in his investigation: flesh and sinew for organ on bone.  The movie treatment must breath the spark of life to this living thing.

With all of this data in hand, forgetting Feschino's art, essay, photography and production skills, he also constructed a highly detailed and painstakingly accurate storyboard presentation of the “Flatwoods Monster” incident for his treatment!  This alone would rightfully encourage appointing him subject matter expert on a project competent to have provided the foundation for his film.  There is no one close to Feschino in this regard as it pertains to the history of 1952, the Summer Of Saucers, Military Involvement, and September 12th 1952, The Flatwoods Affair.   The closest would be the Great Wendy Connors, but she, missing key evidence in Project Blue Book unavailable to her when she did her research, got it wrong.

The great Wendy Connors

Moreover, if you haven’t noticed reader, since Feschino’s original book was published ten years ago and with the release of additional information in his subsequent books, the popularity of the "Flatwoods Monster" incident has continued to escalate on a worldwide scale. In a nutshell, Feschino has single-handedly resurrected the “Flatwoods Monster” incident by uncovering the truth regarding one of the biggest UFO cover-ups in our Nation's history!  I digress, but soon it must be that a "knee" is reached and the curve of an aggregate interest in the history of 1952 goes asymptotic, straight up—Saturn Rocket-like at a big fraction of light speed!  Whoosh!

Now, during our recent conversation Feschino further explained that his “Flatwoods Monster” movie idea has been on his agenda ever since going to film school in the early 1990s.  Mr. Davis, Feschino’s mentor at film school, worked closely with Frank and strongly encouraged him to follow through with his project. A "pro" advises a story well chased! His focus on same has been undaunted!

Throughout the years since I first met Frank, he'd casually mention the movie idea to me over the phone or when we'd traveled out on a book signing engagement... but he never elaborated on it. Currently, behind the scenes, Frank explained to me what actually inspired and prompted him to begin writing a “Flatwoods Monster” movie treatment by himself.

Back in 2007 Feschino had received a phone call from a well-known screenplay writer in California. Frank had just published his book, "Shoot Them Down-The Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952." You see, this writer, a writer who had a credential writing a blockbuster screenplay for Steven Spielberg incidentally, said he needed assistance concerning a scene he was writing for a UFO movie project.

Well, as Frank explains, the scene involved an aerial encounter between a USAF jet fighter and a flying saucer over the Washington, DC area.  This was, of course, based on the actual events occurring in July of 1952 during the infamous "Summer Of Saucers."

Since Frank had written extensively about the July 1952 Washington sightings in two chapters of his Shoot Them Down, he gladly agreed to help the writer with the scene. It was an honor for Frank. The "screenplay writer" talked with Frank at length, read Feschino’s chapters, and they corresponded over the next few weeks while the scene was being hammered out.

Finally, when the aerial encounter scene was finished, the writer called Frank back in Florida and read it to him over the phone. Frank said he was amazed as the screenplay writer read the script scene to him, bringing his writing to was awesome, but something was wrong.

The writer had made a technical mistake, concerning the Air Force jet fighter involved Frank quickly picked up on the disconnect and cued the writer, providing connection. Subsequently, the writer had to go back, correct the problem, and rewrite the scene.

A couple of calls later, it was finished and polished, reread to Frank, receiving Feschino's stamp.  Feschino explained that he can't reveal any additional details about this particular UFO project because it is being kept "confidential"...Hollywood secrecy stuff, eh? The point is that by this point in time, Feschino told me that he knew he could write a movie treatment of his own about the “Flatwoods Monster” incident.  I'm not surprised.

In addition to his production training at film school, Frank had learned a lot by working with the aforementioned  screen writer in California and now, with several books to his credit, he began to write his own treatment.  ...And who better than the person obsessed with the existential reality of 22 years of painstaking research, eh?
Frank told me the amount of attention that he has recently received in 2014 from Television documentary producers across the globe is overwhelming. Since the spring of 2014, Feschino has been contacted and has spoken to TV producers from Great Britain, Canada, Japan and the United States. This is encouraging but the “Flatwoods Monster” incident has more than just documentary has the makings for a full-blown Feature Film!  Consider compelling evidence for an undeclared air war between the US and ET to see what I mean. 

It's an astonishing tale... almost too astonishing; what if it's true?
Feschino testifies that his “Flatwoods Monster” movie is based on the actual 1952 incident and has all the key ingredients to be a real blockbuster. He added that the storyline is better than any Sci-Fi or UFO genre action movie produced in recent years and with a great team of producers, Hollywood could do real justice to this compelling story based on fact as peculiar as those facts are.

We could only hope for the best as that crow flies, eh reader?  Feschino didn’t elaborate but told me his story contains flashbacks between 1952 and the present, involves aerial dogfights, missing pilots, a romance weaved in to the storyline and of course the 12-foot-tall “Monster.” Even though the story is based on actual events, Feschino said he added a small amount of fiction to the story to carry the storyline. He paused then and said, “Well, maybe it really isn't all fiction!”

Anyway, Feschino claims that his “Flatwoods Monster” story is action-packed and has such a shocking ending that people will be knocked out of their socks and talking about it for years.  I'm compelled to take him at his word.

Cake Icing, Feschino is quite the music aficionado.  He told me that he also met a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist in Orlando, Florida, recently, and discussed his “Flatwoods Monster” project with him. I hate to do this to you reader, but I can’t disclose who it is now—more of that secrecy stuff—but I will tell you that he played lead guitar on one of the biggest hit songs in rock history!

Feschino commented, "After seeing this legendary performer on stage throughout the years, including sold out concerts at Madison Square Garden, it seemed surreal to be sitting at a table with him and giving him a one on one lecture about the Flatwoods case."

As their meeting unfolded, Feschino explained the “Flatwoods Monster” incident to him and then took out a set of his three “Flatwoods Monster” art prints from his portfolio, laid them on the table and used them to assist in the telling of the story; Frank then presented them to the guitarist. The musician asked Frank if he would sign them for him and signed three music pieces for Frank as well. “He was really a down to earth guy and was very knowledgeable on the UFO subject,” Feschino added.  There are many rock and roll types who are serious students of the ufological.

After talking privately for almost an hour, Feschino offered that he was writing a movie treatment for the story. The famous guitarist then told Feschino that he would love to have "first crack at doing the soundtrack for it," and said he "always wanted to do a soundtrack for something like this." Feschino said he would surely contact him, then handed him two information packets about the "Flatwoods Monster." Their meeting closed when contact numbers were exchanged between Frank and the guitarist’s agent.

Yes reader, Feschino is very confident in his UFO project and newly written piece and is now open to discussion with serious producers interested in making a “Flatwoods Monster” movie based on his work. Remember, that you read about it here first, reader.

Now, on to Flatwoods itself for a brief historical overview regarding one of the top news stories of 1952 (in the Top Five this writer understands), the “Flatwoods Monster” incident, involving an alien encounter between a gigantic 12-foot-tall crash occupant shot down by US forces ordered to do so, and a group of small town Flatwoods, WV residents.

In honor of the 62nd anniversary of the “Flatwoods Monster” incident, the authority on this subject, Frank C. Feschino, Jr., has compiled the following quotes, which represent some of the best-recorded writings of the event in the media and various publications over the past 62-years.  This is just a sampling. Prepare to be stunned.

1952. “I will file this story in my archives as one of the top stories of the day. Daniel Seymour; Master of ceremonies for NBC television talk show, We The People.

1953. “On September 12, 1952, the nation’s wire services crackled with the news of a 10-foot red-faced monster, which sprayed a foul, sickening gas and sent seven Flatwoods, W. Va. residents into panic. Gray Barker; FATE Magazine, January 1953.

1954. “One has the impression that here, some entity was clad in a giant spacesuit and equipped to withstand differential pressures and the gravity and atmosphere, unlike the world it came from.” Harold T. Wilkins; Flying Saucers on the Attack.

1956. “What happened to the Monster? Braxton County Woman Feels Glowing Object was Jet Ship. Discovery in 1952 stirred up nationwide ‘Martian’ debate.” Donald Seagle; The Charleston Gazette newspaper.

1959. “Those who saw the thing were terrified. Those who investigated were it convinced it had been there. But what it was and where it came from constitute the mystery of the Flatwoods Monster.” Frank Edwards; Stranger Than Science. 

1963. “The final incident in the summers panic occurred on the evening of September 12 when a family group near the town of Sutton, West Virginia, saw a flaming object flash across the sky and apparently land on a nearby hill.” Donald Menzel and Lyle Boyd; The World of Flying Saucers.

1966. “The flash had spotlighted an immense, man-like figure with a blood-red face and greenish eyes that blinked out from a pointed hood. The party was in definite agreement about one characteristic of the alien and that was the sickening odor it seemed to emit.” Brad Steiger; Strangers from the Skies.

1967. “Probably the most frightening landing incident on record, considering the physical description of what was thought to be an occupant and its actions, is the Flatwoods, West Virginia incident.” Coral and Jim Lorenzen; Flying Saucer Occupants.

1968. “During the first years of the flying saucer craze, it was mostly strange lights, discs and windowed craft, which were reported. None had proved dangerous in any way, and none had landed. But in 1952, the first of two stories about menacing space creatures appeared in newspapers and magazines. On the night of September 12, 1952, near Sutton, WV…” Dale White; Is Something Up There-The Story of Flying Saucers.

1969. “About 4-meters tall, the figure had a blood-red face and ‘floated’ toward the witnesses who fled in terror. A lingering smell and skid marks were found.” Jacques Vallee; Passport to Magonia.

1973. “The United States has something still better to offer us with the Flatwoods Monster. In September 1952 in the little West Virginia village of Flatwoods, some children swore they saw a monster.” Jacques Bergier; Extraterrestrial Visitations from Prehistoric to Present.

1975. “Actually, relatively few of the sightings of UFO occupants have created much excitement outside of the relatively narrow world of UFO enthusiasts. But there are a couple of American monsters that have become classics in their field. On September 12, 1952…” Daniel Cohen; Monsters; Giants and Little Men from Mars.

1976. “They saw under trees, a creature, about 12-feet tall, which looked horrible to the witnesses: it had a sort of cowl or hood around the ‘head,’ and 2 big eyes, fixed round and luminous. The thing moved by floating and then the witnesses got scared and ran away.” Claude Mac Duff; UFOlogy-The Journal of UFO Research, Fall 1976.          

1977. “They didn't see a saucer, but did see a ‘monster’ ten-feet high, four-feet wide with bulging eyes a foot apart, blood-red face and glowing-green body.” Susy Smith; Strangers from Outer Space

1978. “Not all aliens are reported as undersized. The ‘Sutton Monster,’ nine feet tall with bulging red eyes and a bright green body, moved ominously towards onlookers in the West Virginia country side.” Van Geloven B.V. Riel; Strip-paperback Nr. 1 UFO. Germany.   

1979. “The Flatwoods Monster in Braxton County, a foul-smelling thing that oozed evil apparently landed in a bright, shiny object in a desolate area.” Robert Robinson, Associated Press writer. 

1980. “Flatwoods: What was perhaps the most frightening case on record of an encounter with a ‘UFO creature’ allegedly occurred on the evening of September 12, 1952, near the small community of Flatwoods.” Ronald Story; The Encyclopedia of UFOs.

1982. “One of the more frightening of the early landing reports came from Flatwoods, WV. in 1952.” Editors of Readers Digest; Mysteries of the Unexplained.

1989. “Two very bizarre reports involving entity sightings, from the many on record, were the Flatwoods, West Virginia (USA) case of 1952, and the Kelly/Hopkinsville (USA) case of 1955.” Janet and Colin Bord; Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century.

1991. “During the night [eyewitness] Gene Lemon became seriously ill, suffering the same inflamed throat as the other boys but also went into fits and convulsions. John Spencer; The UFO Encyclopedia.

1993. “The things they saw that night in late summer have never been fully explained. To this day the mystery is still shrouded in mystery. It’s become part of the folklore of West Virginia. It’s the tale of the Braxton County Monster.” Benjamin Caldwell; The Charleston Gazette newspaper.

1994. “The widely discussed Flatwoods incident reportedly occurred on September 12, 1952. The Flatwoods, WV. incident allegedly involved a giant humanoid monster with glowing eyes.” David Ritchie; The Definitive Guide to UFOs and Related Phenomena.

1995. “The party reached the hill but fled in terror from a hooded monster ‘worse than Frankenstein.’” Peter Brookesmith; UFO-The Complete Sightings.

1996. “It was 10-15-feet tall and had a blood-red face with two greenish-orange eyes that glowed like a wild animal’s.” Patrick Hughe; The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials.

1997. “The first alien encounter in the classic science fiction mould occurred on September 12, 1952, in Flatwoods, West Virginia USA. It remains highly unusual and is not easy to dismiss as a hoax.” Jenny Randle; Alien Contact-The First 50 Years.

1998. “The case of the Flatwoods Monster has become one of the most famous incidents in UFOlogy.” W. Haden Blackman; The Field Guide to North American Monsters

1999. “To everyone’s considerable astonishment, the beam highlighted a grotesque-looking creature.” Jerome Clark; Unexplained.

2002. “What happened in West Virginia that night in September, with several seeming UFOs landing all over the rural countryside and unloading creatures is almost like a scene from War of the Worlds.” Loren Coleman; FATE Magazine, September 2002.

2004. “One of the objects crash-landed on a rural hilltop in Flatwoods, West Virginia. A group of schoolboys saw the object maneuver across the sky and seemingly fall to earth. The boys and two adults headed off to look for the object. Soon a twelve-foot tall being from the downed craft terrified these innocent people.” Frank C. Feschino, Jr. The Braxton County Monster-The Cover-Up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed.”

2005. “On September 12, 1952, one of the strangest and most terrifying apparent extraterrestrial encounters took place near Flatwoods, a small town in West Virginia. The bizarre image of the alien creature was immediately seared into UFO folklore…Despite the media attention; the case was quickly dismissed and buried by authorities and debunkers. Rosemary Ellen Guiley; FATE Magazine, January 2005.

2007. “It was the twelfth day of September during the Indian summer of 1952. Brace yourself. It is not my intent to shock you, but perhaps as a result of an undeclared war with bona fide extraterrestrials involving the United States-let that sink in-there came to be a crash-landed alien craft with at least one occupant.” Alfred Lehmberg; UFO Magazine, November 2007.

2008. “Nothing in life had prepared them for what unfolded next - a 12-foot, metallic object, red in the chest region, topped with a medieval-like cowl, and green from the waist down, emitting a sulfuric odor.” Mannix Porterfield; West Virginia South Magazine, January 2008. 

2009. “The scare in Flatwoods, West Virginia on September 12, 1952 could be compared to that of a horror movie of the period...The group saw a pair of ‘lights’ shining beneath a large oak tree. After shining a light in the direction of the object, the group were astonished to see a bizarre creature staring back.” Sept. 2009   

2010. “An amazing, gripping encounter...the “Flatwoods Monster” case. It will stand in history as one of the premiere investigations.” Team IQXS Researchers - MD, July 2010.

2011. “The entity that Freddie May and others saw came out of a UFO that had crashed during the dogfight between U.S. Air Force jets and unidentified 1952.” William J. Birnes, UFO Magazine publisher; UFO Magazine, Volume 23, No. 13.   

2012. “Researcher Frank Feschino has done such a thorough job of digging into the Flatwoods case and its secrets, it’s doubtful that even government insiders would have to say more about it.” Whitley Strieber, radio talk show host of Dreamland. November 2012.

2013. “The ‘Flatwoods Monster’ is one of the most significant alien contact incidents in modern history and Feschino proves the case beyond any argument. The ‘Flatwoods Monster’ incident should have been the ultimate wakeup call for America.” Professor Frank Thayer, Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communications. New Mexico State University. January 2013. 

2014.”The Flatwoods Monster, a mysterious visitor to earth, is an extraterrestrial reported to have been sighted in the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia, United States on September 12, 1952. One man in particular has taken the investigation into the Green Monster as a life’s mission to discover the truth and uncover the cover-up of the incident...Frank Feschino.” West Virginia journalist John Clise. May 2014.

Sculpture by Frank Feschino Jr. 

See, Frank Feschino is by no means alone when he regards the reflexive Flatwoods denial by a faux-authoritative officialdom! He has his eyes justifiably askance and his arms presumptively akimbo, eh?  He's earned his justified skepticism of the "official party line."  As alluded to before, the Flatwoods story has its deniability built right in as the science fiction sighting of a cross-dressing alien by a group of hillbilly kids not knowing a spook-haint from a barn owl! 

Then the reader discovers, and undeniably so too, that the so called "Braxton County Monster" is an affair at the end of a three month super-flap of UFOs during the summer of 1952 (fact)!  This is where UFOs were over-flying super sensitive Washington DC locations on the ground with such blithe impunity that orders were issued to shoot those UFOs down (fact)!  An attendant UFO flap, the final one to the larger flap lasting the summer—occurring on September 12th, 1952 (fact!)—incurred an expected response from the military, it is presumed, and the "Flatwoods Affair" is but one of four UFOs damaged in the ensuing air-war of that night.   

On top of all of the preceding?  A heavy battalion of infantry outfitted from boats to bazookas was dispatched to Flatwoods and Frametown, WV to look for something (fact)!  They were not deployed to hunt wooden-nickel barn owls, Magaha-ian coal gas vents, or Shermer's one time hallucinogenic stink-weed. Laugh if you must, but follow the data.  Everyone who does is gob-smacked and decidedly bereft of easy laughter after that, eh? 

The final kicker?  Frank noticed that there could be no better quintessential example with regard to "forgotten" and "Missing in Action" Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, than the lives testified to be lost by General Benjamin Chidlaw, Head of Air Defense Command when he alluded in 1953 that "We have stacks of reports about flying saucers. We take them seriously when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them."

Two such persons and equipment lost?  How about USAF F-94 fighter pilot 2nd Lt. John A. Jones, Jr. and radar observer, 2nd Lt. John DelCurto.  These men mysteriously vanished without a trace on September 12th 1952, and were never seen or heard from again. Subsequently then, their memories and consummate bravery denied, they were discounted to have even existed by the authorities until Feschino brought them back to the light.

Close to the exit, reader, here is another fact to ponder.  Why is it that there are two official case reports adjacent to Jones and DelCurto's case missing from the Air Force's "AIRCRAFT ACCIDENTS OF 1952," files for that now infamous date, September 12, 1952?

All things considered... wouldn't all this make a cracker-jack film?  Read on...

For more information:

Frank C. Feschino Jr.