Sunday, September 29, 2013

At Last! Authentic Alien Roswell Images Found!

Finally! Proof that ET crashed at Roswell back in 1947, as reported by the UFO Iconoclasts:The UFO Iconoclast(s): AUTHENTIC ALIEN IMAGES FROM ROSWELL FINALLY FOUND? by Anthony Bragalia I am so relieved, so beside myself! This is huge news everyone! HUGE!

But, let's not get too excited. For these images are not going to be released to us lowly, non-bona fide UFO researchers and Forteans. The images are too pure for that, and we are far too loathsome to be trusted with such evidence. As to the general public, they simply don't count.

Damn! And here I thought we were so close to the big reveal!

Trent photo
Oh well. Maybe next time. Though I doubt it, given the UFO Iconoclast's (a blog I rarely directly mention or relate to, for obvious reasons, despite the fact some UFO and Fortean writers I respect will relate to them) history on such breaking UFO news. Like their *Trent photo stunt awhile back. (Paul and Evelyn Trent, McMinnville, Oregon, 1950:Paul Trent snapped two photos of a UFO over his farm; those photos made international news and to this day have not been proven to be hoaxed.)

*Revisiting the Tempest in a Teapot: McMinnville UFO Photos Faked. Again.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Kate Valentine Goes Off The Air!

WVNJ 1160 AM Tower goes Dead during Talk Show with Feschino and Lehmberg
It was Friday afternoon, September 13, 2013 as Frank Feschino, Jr. and I waited to go live on the "Kate Valentine UFO Show" broadcast from New Jersey. The show airs from 1:00 PM UNTIL 2:00 pm EST and we were both awaiting calls to our respective homes from the studio.
Weeks had been committed to promoting this show and as usual, a lot of preparation had gone into it. Braxton County Monster author Feschino was at his home in Florida and ready for his radio interview with Kate.  He was to premiere and discuss his new "EXPANDED" 2013 book.
Frank explains, "As with any live program, the studio will call me at home a couple minutes before the show to make sure the connection is alright. They usually go over things like checking voice levels, commercial break times... ...stuff like that." 
Frank then relayed what happened just before the show aired last Friday.  
"Well, it was about 12:50—or about 10 minutes before the program was to go on and my phone rang.  I thought it was the studio calling but when I looked at my clock it seemed a little too early.  I picked up the phone and said 'hello' but there was nobody there, just dead silence Alfred, nothing!"  Oddly, and unbeknownst to Frank, I have to report that the same thing happened to me at the same time!  My phone rang and I answered to hissing dead air.  Curious.
Frank continued that he stayed on his dead line for about 30 seconds reasoning that the studio was having trouble connecting with him, so he didn't hang up.  Suddenly, a recording of a "female" voice came on and said, "Your call has ended, thank you, please hang up!"
Feschino reported the call never even started, all he uttered was "hello!"  He said, "I thought that was weird, I have NEVER heard a recording like that before. A few of the usual hangups over the past few weeks but nothing like this.  Something wasn't right, you know, and Alfred... I have an unlisted phone number."  
Frank continued, "At 12:58, the phone rang again and it was the studio. It was the engineer guy, Dave, from Kate's show calling to get me on the air. It was a great connection, loud and clear, and we talked for a few moments. I asked Dave if Alfred was on the line yet.  He said he was calling him next and we were going live shortly. He also told me the times of the commercial breaks were every 15-minutes."            
Well, reader, things got a little weirder that afternoon!  Shortly after Frank and I went on the air, which is also streamed live via the internet, the whole station went down!  Now this is commercial radio folks!  Outage is a big deal!  See, if the ads don't air the station doesn't get paid!
We'd gone on the air after the first commercials just after 1:00 EST. Frank and I were talking with Kate about his research and our conversation was really starting to heat up.  At about the 1:15 mark, Kate abrubtly informed us that the WVNJ tower was down and NOT transmitting a signal! At first, he told me later, Frank thought Kate was kidding us about it.  She was not.
Frank added, "I thought she was joking us until I heard the confusion in the background between the studio tech and Kate. At times, I couldn't tell when we were off the air or on so I was real careful about what I said. Al, I've done a lot of shows over the years and never had this happen to me."  Yes reader, the huge WVNJ transmitting tower in New Jersey went out. This was NOT a joke! 
During a break, Kate and Dave, a seasoned master studio technician, could be frantically heard talking about the problem; Dave was completely in left field about the situation. Our show continued but could only be heard through the live stream presumably. Reader, the WVNJ airwaves feeding the show into New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, hundreds of thousands of potential listeners, went absolutely dead! As we talked, Kate mentioned that this had happened to her live show once before when the topic of the show was Nikola Tesla!
Coincidence? Tesla is another story of betrayal of the people by its Officialdom, just like Flatwoods.
About thirty plus minutes had ticked by until Frank and I could be heard across the WVNJ airwaves once again. The tower was back up and running. Yes, more than half of our live show in which we talked about the UFO events of September 2, 1952, had been missed by the listeners.     
Later, Frank called Stanton Friedman on the phone and explained what had happened. Stanton told Frank that he had been told of other instances, years ago, where radio transmission losses had occurred during live UFO radio broadcasts. 
Dave and Kate are still in the dark about the transmission tower going dead during our show last Friday, and no explanation has been offered yet.  Sure, outages just happen, but in as much as that's playing with house-money it's avoided like a cash-draining plague, eh?  It's odd and unusual.
It's odder, though, and even more unusual, when the subject being discussed live is a massive evidentiary trail pointing to a conjectured secret and undeclared air-war with ET, a war where men and equipment are lost and UFOs are crash-landing all over West Virginia, September 12, 1952!  It is then that an "outage" becomes "suspicious."

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kate Valentine UFO Show

Kate Valentine UFO Show
Sept. 13, 2013  13:00 EST 
Behind the Scenes of...
The Braxton County Monster 

Frank Feschino and I are comparing notes for the "Kate Valentine UFO Show" for this Friday Sept. 13. I'll be appearing with Frank.
I just spoke to him on the phone to run over a few things before we hit the air waves this week with Ms Valentine. During our conversation, Frank spoke, as he always does, candidly and openly to me. He had some interesting things to say about his "Flatwoods Monster" research and... oh well not to put too fine a point on it!  Har!
Anyway, Feschino said, "Alfred, since I went public with my research you are one of the few writers actually visiting the Bailey Fisher Farm in Flatwoods, seeing the landing site, the tree and even met "Monster" eyewitness Fred May. You even met first person radio reporter John Barker and former mayor of Flatwoods, Peggy Clise [a very private and sober person] who saw the famous UFO pass near her house that night. I am happy that you took the time to really examine the facts of this case and I remain impressed how superbly you covered accurately—and so movingly—the Flatwoods incident in your articles." 
Frank continued, "You know, when you are there on the site and see everything—the layout of the property and all—it all makes so much more sense. That is what is what I try to explain to my readers in the book with words and pictures and to my listeners on the radio." I have to add that the interested can see some of it in his new video on YouTube.
He went on to say, "It wasn't always that easy to get around in Flatwoods and have access to the farm and other locations where everything happened that night. When you stir in trying to talk to the original witnesses, well... ...forget about it! Burned and shy they want nothing to do with you!  When I first started going there years ago, I was an outsider—even though I had family in town! You see, I was from a city in Connecticut and the second I opened up my mouth and started to talk to the locals, they knew I wasn't from 'around these parts.' " 
"At first, it was tough and the locals treated me like $#!#  ...I thought, wow, I'd always heard country folk were supposed to be down to earth and hospitable... but no one would talk to me, Alfred. It was a real struggle." 
Frank added, "I would walk into a crowded local restaurant at lunch time, sometimes with my big video camera, and you would have thought I had walked in with an assault rifle! Everyone stopped eating and talking and looked at me—you could hear the proverbial pin drop.  Needless to say, I never traveled alone up there, especially in the less populated areas. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say to me, 'We don't talk about the monster 'round here no more, boy.' A couple of times I was threatened—even mildly assaulted—and on other occasions was ordered to leave the property."  
Frank explains further, "As time went on, I understood why I was being shunned away by the locals and why no one would talk to me. Flatly, they were tired of the years of the ridicule, of abuse and of being the brunt of jokes from the whole World... and believe me, I heard most of those jokes, myself, Alfred! 
"See, in the beginning, they thought I was just another half-ass reporter there to write one more stupid Halloween story about the "Monster" read: there to make fun of them."  He adds, "Then a door opened, I eventually talked to Mrs. May, the Davis family, the Mayor of Flatwoods and it snowballed progressively from there. On the strength of these initial interviews some kind of Rubicon was crossed! Abrubtly, I intervewed Colonel Leavitt, A. Lee Stewart, Jr. and all the others... more all the time." 
Frank adds slyly, "You know why they finally talked Alfred, I had to prove myself to all of them before they'd let me in... and I did prove myself. I brought up all my research and data including the Blue Book files and laid it all out in front of them. Literally, whoever's house I stuff was laid out all over the room!" 
"One day I was at Mrs. May's house. You should have seen Mrs. May's face when I first handed her the huge Blue Book case file for September 12, 1952. She was sitting in her easy chair and was shocked by the size of it. Then when I showed her the Air Force's "meteor" conclusion in the 10073 Record card.  That really disappointed her. 
As she flipped through the book, Mrs. May had no idea of the amount of UFO sightings occurring around the country that night. She kept shaking her head. You see Alfred, she went through a lot of aggravation with the media back in 52, and that "meteor" explanation I showed her really floored the lady. As she sat in that chair in her living room... proverbial pins were dropping again. I remember, it was lunch time and I broke the awkward and uncomfortable silence by talking about lunch and then ordered a pizza from the nearby Pizza Hut. She was really hurt, Alfred.  ...Just another betrayed old lady citizen to the engineers of the cover-up, eh?"    
"I valued and cultivated my friendly relationship with the Mays; I was constantly mailing stuff to the family and all the others involved, and we all talked on the phone a lot. Yes, I became accepted and you know what?!  Well, all of those folks in Flatwoods really were great and hospitable people... and man, could they cook a meal! I always put on weight going to West Virginia." 
"Anyway, suddenly, and not so ironically, accepted by the locals I found myself being in the same boat with the locals when my books and research were released ...I was being ridiculed by the skeptics and was joked at and hooted down... just as they had been for 60 years!"  
"Now I know how they felt, but consider Alfred... I have the evidence to back up it now!  I can tell the reader what actually happened up there!  We are redeemed!  We!  Are! Redeemed!  
...And it's not over yet! Al, I am still looking into the case as you know... I probably always will. Seriously, on reflection the making of my book over the past 21-years could be a book in itself with everything that has happened along the way!"  
"Making all this bearable and even achievable is the support of good men like you Alfred, you and Stanton Friedman and the many others who have come forward and believed in this case!  The people of Flatwoods are not the brunt of jokes anymore. I think this generation of people are more open to the 'Flatwoods Monster' case. More people believe the incident was ET related and heavily dismiss the cockamamie owl and meteor story." 
"Alfred we have a lot of stuff to talk about concerning the expanded book on Kate's show this Friday. Thanks for coming on board with me."               
Again  Frank's new Expanded 2013 "Braxton County Monster" book will be premiered on Friday, September 13, 2013 on the KATE VALENTINE UFO SHOW.  Listen in or make a toll free call!

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Braxton County Monster

The well-known "Washington area meteor" quoted from Blue Book was not well known, had nothing to do with Washington, and was not even a meteor.  It was too slow, moved too erratically, was seen over too wide an area, and hung around too long.  More on this in a moment.

This above book is not just another story about the "Flatwoods Monster," reader, it is an in depth and well-researched vehicle detailing the very significant UFO flap occurring over the United States on September 12, 1952. Yes, Frank Feschino, the author and researcher who spent 21-years investigating this famous alien close encounter, has established a definite pattern of UFO sightings occurring across the Eastern States on that particular day, and with history showing that the 9-12-52 flap of UFO sightings has never been paralleled!  The "Braxton County Monster" case was much more than an encountered monster in Flatwoods, West Virginia, reader.  Much, much more.

See, to establish what occurred that day, Feschino used various sources from Project Blue Book: Official Government documents, newspaper articles, first-hand eyewitness interviews and other documented sources, to recreate the UFO events of that day. To date, his ongoing research has turned up increasing amounts of evidence buttressing the story ark of his recently released book edition. The third if I'm not mistaken. His research now solidly establishes that there were 116 documented locations in 10 Eastern States where witnesses saw and reported several different UFOs that had flown over, landed or crashed during 21 hours of sustained activity!  21 HOURS of sustained activity, reader!  What meteor does that?

See, and for the official record, the USAF in their "Project Blue Book 10073 Record Card" concluded differently. Oddly enough, Blue Book officials attributed these UFO sightings to a lone bolide or single meteor. The conclusion reached was stated as, "Astronomical." In the "Comments" section of this document, they also stated:

"The West Virginia Monster so called. Actually the object was the well known Washington area meteor of 12 Sep. landing near Flatwoods, W.Va. Have confirmation of an Astronomy Club from Akron, Ohio. Letter from E.C. [blacked out] President-Akron Astronomy Club." (sic)  I offer any meteor of the size described landing at Flatwoods would have made it "Flattened Woods," eh?

In the letter written by the president of the "Akron Astronomy Club" in Ohio, the Air Force agreed with the club's president that the object was a "Typical meteorite (fireball)." Yet, this same document stated the "Fireball" was traveling at "27 miles per second," had a duration of only, "5-6 seconds," and was seen at "Approximately 7:00 p.m. EST."  Note the time.

The sighting of this alleged meteor was also reported in "The New York Times" in an article, "Flame Over Washington." It reported, "A brilliant flame apparently a meteor, flashed across the sky of the nations capital tonight...The blazing object moved horizontally across the heavens and came 'awfully low.'"

Additionally, the "Project Blue Book 10073 Record Card," also stated the time of the object's sighting in Flatwoods had actually occurred at, "TIME: 1930" or "7:30 p.m. EST."

Let us take a closer look at this data as presented by the Air Force.

Flatwoods, WV is about 206 miles west of Washington, D.C. Now I ask the reader, why did it take 30 minutes for the "Well known Washington area meteor" to travel 206 miles to Flatwoods, when it's actual velocity was recorded as, "27 miles per second"?  That's just to start.

Let us take a further look at what Feschino has discovered during his ongoing 21 year investigation. He utilized hundreds of pages of UFO sightings data, dissected all the information extant and plotted the points of the 116 locations of UFO sightings over 10 eastern states on a "Master Map." Yes reader, the events of this case are very well documented!  There's no puzzle anymore!  Readers can piece it together themselves from the now public record!

Frank also recorded the eyewitness descriptions of these objects, the times they were seen across the country and recorded their directional headings, as well. He also recorded the landings of other objects and pinpointed the areas where some UFOs had actually crash landed!  None of the adjacent "points" knew of one another yet the map has a cartiological and chronological consistency which can be achieved no other way but the actuality of real UFO sightings.  This is stunning all by itself.

Next, Feschino was able to form definite patterns from these plotted points creating numerous solid flight path trajectories of several different UFOs which cannot be denied. Feschino's data clearly shows us that there were actually several different UFOs passing over throughout the eastern United States in this 21 hour period, NOT one fireball meteor!

Feschino also discovered there were four "damaged" UFOs actually making a total of 13 crash landings in three Eastern States that night. The author was able to track these four damaged objects and
pinpoint their locations precisely as they repeatedly crash-landed, took off, and then flew across the United States that night. Additionally, Frank found eight landing sites in three states where other UFOs had touched down during the times the damaged UFOs were crashing!

One "fireball meteor," reader?  Right!

Not hardly... For example, read some of the following quotes appearing in various USAF "Tentative Witness Observers Questionnaire" forms sent back to Project Blue Book by American citizens, who saw the UFOs on Sept. 12, 1952:

* "Can't imagine what it was. It looked like an exploding plane."

* "The object looked like an oval roman candle, descending at the speed and angle of a passenger plane...How far was it from you? Near enough for us to debate stopping the car for fear of what might happen when it landed."

* "This THING was being flown."

* "I have seen many meteors -this was not one - much too large...It did not fall to earth."

* "The newspaper said it was a meteor, but it had no tail. and was not falling and was larger than any meteor that I ever saw."

* It dove toward the ground. It sort of leveled off and disappeared."

* "...As big as a dirigible."

*"It looked like a plane on fire... Gliding toward the ground."

*"About the speed of a plane... heading toward the ground."

Other eyewitness accounts appeared in various newspapers around the country. Some examples of these eyewitness accounts stated the following information about these UFOs:

* "It looked like a giant skyrocket and there was a bright light. The light seemed to go out just before the thing hit and it looked like a very, very faint puff of smoke rose where it landed."

* "It was very close and at first I thought it was an airplane in trouble. It looked as though some little pieces fell from it. It seemed to fall right into South Hills."

* "It seemed to be 20 or 30 feet across. I don't think it was a meteor, because it looked like it stopped - right in mid-air just before it came down."

* "The object gave off a 'putt-putt' noise and a piece of it fall off near the airport."

* "The object was variously reported to have made hissing sounds and to have backed up and started over."

* "Patrolmen reported sighting what they believed to be distress flairs from the ground where the object was supposed to have fallen."

* "The thing seemed to burst as it went down over some trees of a mountaintop."

Reader, this is only the trickling tributary of the AMAZON of information appearing in Frank C. Feschino's "Updated and Revised Edition" book.   There is much, much more: a plethora and feast of jaw-dropping info moving a readers sensibilities to a new place, or at least an evolved "think" regarding Humankind's place in a multitude of universes.

In closing, according to Frank Feschino there are NO Astronomy records in the world recording a meteor or meteor shower occurring over the United States on on that fateful night in September... other than the one proffered by Project Blue Book!  I suspect that must mean something, eh?