Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alfred Lehmberg: "Cognitive Dissonance"

Horrors beyond imagining, and it's not aliens eating our heads! It is us ourselves.

Columbus accomplished this bringing slavery to the western hemisphere according to James W. Loewen in Lies My Teacher Told Me. A very dirty-dealing Christopher —a lying, cheating, thieving, and serial-murdering-for-profit brand of "Chris"— initially found his "Indians" delightfully spiritual beings as "uncomplicated and intelligently innocent as gifted children" — to paraphrase from his own hand. Only later would he classify them as "guileful vermin" when he realized —with his second thought— that they could be terrorized into collecting gold for him in a color coded system that, oh by the way, lost the reluctant collector a nose or an ear ...or a child... if he didn't cough up the dictated tithe, on time...

Cognitive Dissonance, in so many ways . . . the above I know well, working in schools. Alfred's been there himself as well, read this.

Bringing us up to the UFO issue:
This begs the emblematic question. Who profits in this legislated, continuing and traditional ignorance regarding UFOs?

There's no interest, disinterest, and trivialization within ignorance of the subject; anyone who "believes in" UFOs gets the glassy eyed look from others. You know they can handle you blabbing on about the Rapture far better than the sujbect of UFOs, let alone aliens.

So why is the truth kept from us, about UFOs? As Lehmberg writes, it is, and anyone who thinks otherwise just isn't paying attention. So, why is it so? Read his article Cognitive Dissonance on his blog an alien viewand find out.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Personal: Some Links

I have a post on Women Of Esoterica about a recent OOBE that was both surprising and wonderful:
My Utterly Completely Wondrous New Age OOBE

And Alfred makes a many times before said, but always good to be reminded (because we need to be so damn often) comment on UFO Magazine's The Green Room: Shift Happening. I also have a post there about those who demand "accountability" over there.

Lesley comments on Prophet Yahweh and "diversity and UFOlogy" in Diversity in UFOlogy:
Oh yes, I know there are some out there cringing. They think people like Yahweh make everyone involved in Ufology seem like a nut. Speak for yourselves, it is my personal belief that nobody aside from yourself can make you look like a nut. So what if you do look nutty, why do you care? We should have all learned that from our families, almost everyone has that one crazy uncle or some relative that is a total nut, it only causes a few small minded people to think the entire family is nutty.

There is so much more; the world is literally in a "UFO Flap" right now. Scan any of the UFO/Fortean news sites, like The Anomalist, and you'll find many more links that lead to individual sightings, videos of UFOs, personal accounts, news on disclosure, tantalizing hints of things both deeper, darker, heavier, as well as things lighter, brighter, exhilarating, spiraling outwards.

Monday, September 1, 2008

SDI #462 20 Questions

SDI #462

20 Questions addressed in a program of singular significance by Dave Furlotte, Don Ledger, Michael Woods, and Alfred Lehmberg. Chilling observations by Furlotte with regard to the alien abductions play out, still, on UFO UpDates. Interesting observations are revealed by Don Ledger with regard to recent conferences and the Stephenville kerfuffle. Michael Woods explores the solar system and puts us right there, then offers to step outside with anyone impugning Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell's reputation:

1. If Alien Abductions are a result of mass hypnosis, who or what performs same?

2. Is humanity too advanced to be molested, or is humanity too primitive to be bothered with?

3. Should aliens show respect when it is so arguable that humans do not?

4. If a superior intelligence would show respect, of needs, and a "humanity" does not, what does that say of the intelligence of human beings?

5. If a superior intelligence won't waste billions studying an inferior intelligence why do humans spend billions doing just that?

6. How is denial the only option available to the "spring-butt" denialist?

7. Is humanity an abductor of inferior species?

8. Does the skeptic try to have the preceding argument both ways?

9. Was it a fluke that the Canadian Federal Government provided cash to conduct the recent Shag Harbor Conference?

10. Regarding the Shag Harbor conference, does a significant draw from outside the community show that society is becoming more conscious of UFOs?

11. When are we going to be able to see Mike McDonald's fine documentary on Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs)?

12. With the proposed museum at Shag Harbor, and St Albans, WV ...are UFO Museums beginning to pop up like toadstools?

13. How did the San Jose conference manage to keep the "woo-woo at low hum"?

14. Why were there a lot of "academic types" showing up at the San Jose Conference?

15. At the aforementioned San Jose conference, what was the impact of Belgian Major General Wilford DeBrauer and his investigation of the famous "Belgian Triangle"?

16. How is it significant to the UFO researcher that Military radar is superior to Civil radar?

17. With regard to the stillborn "Condign Report," how is it the report is completed by one man who is not allowed to interview any pertinent witnesses?

18. With regard to the "O'Hare Incident" how is Larry Lemke able to demonstrate a genuine anomaly?

19. With 400 to 500 pilots busted for impinging on GWB's restricted airspace over his reclaimed pig farm in Crawford Texas, who was finally busted for impinging on same during the "Stephenville Affair"?

20. With regard to data storage capability, anymore, why would officialdom lose data that was going to come back later and bite them on the ass, but that is _was_ going to come back later and bite them on the ass?

Stars and sputniks, saints preserve, and suffering ZOT but that 45 minutes remain of the neo-druid Michael Woods stewarding us around the moon, neighboring planets, and the moons of distant planets sporting waveless oceans of hydrocarbons smooth as the glass of black-based mirrors. Breathtaking. Alfred Lehmberg behaves himself... to a degree.

Too, badmouth Edgar Mitchell as a "loopy old coot driven space crazy" at your peril. There's a whole covey of us over here at Virtually Strange Network ready to stomp a new mud-hole in your flaccid ass, eh? Posted!

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