Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Biggest UFO Flap In United States History!

First there was the biggest UFO Flap in United States History. The Summer of Saucers 1952 knew UFOs to damn near land on the White House lawn but certainly impinge upon Washington airspace prohibited by consequences of deadly force! Jets were scrambled into launched futility at UFOs violating that airspace again and again. Orders were issued to jets all over the country to _SHOOT THEM DOWN_! On September 12, there were 21 hours and change of continuous UFO sightings over the United States. Jets were launched. At the same time, there are credited reports of UFOs being forced down in obvious mechanical distress. One such incident occurred on the old Fisher Farm in Flatwoods West Virginia.

...Sounds a little like secret and undeclared war with ET, eh?

Monday, December 15, 2014



'Twas the night before Christmas
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring...
Uh-oh... Not this year people!

Wait! What?
This Christmas eve—gather 'round the fireplace—hold onto your red hat—grab hold of your jingle bells and take a big hit of the fortified EggNog!  Be prepared, friends and loved ones, to hear a story of a different kind this Christmas eve that will have you at the edge of your sleigh seat!

See, this year there will be real "creatures" stirring about the house on December 24!  Frank C. Feschino, Jr. appears as a guest on Dark Matter Radio with host Martin Willis. This Christmas eve, tune in to have another visitor besides Santa Claus down the chimney, perhaps, when author Frank C. Feschino, Jr. talks about his investigation into the infamous "Flatwoods Monster"!   His latest book details the entire "Braxton County Monster" incident, forgetting a secret air war with ET!  Remember, reader, Flatwoods is the END of the story.  First you have to wade UFOs making effortless incursions into sensitive airspace around Washington, DC during the Summer Of Saucers in 1952, orders subsequently issued to the military of the United States to shoot those UFOs down, 21 plus hours of sustained UFO activity on the 12th, a crash landing of a fiery ball on the Bailey Fisher observed by sober adults and children... and then you can start talking about a "Flatwoods monster"... followed by a HUGE aftermath, eh?  Those are the facts.
Frank Feschino, the authority on this terrifying close encounter incident of September 12, 1952, will be discussing his findings on this classic case, which he has spent more than 22-years investigating and researching. The incident goes something like this: "When what to my wandering eyes should appear... was a 12-foot-tall creature—wearing encounter-suit space gear."
For information to hear the show please go to (http://darkmatterradio.net/shows/podcast-ufo/)
For additional information about Frank Feschino's research and book (plus 45 minute documentary) please go to www.FlatwoodsMonster.com

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wait... What?!

Feschino, at the "TREE" taking tree samples
for analysis with a MUFON STAR team.
Analysis was inconclusive...
Wait... What?!

In 2004 I was fresh from a substantive and emotionally messy donnybrook of the ufological kind. This regrettable kerfuffle involving the man called Mortellaro was the result of a knowing betrayal of my trust—neatly and before the fact—a betrayal as regards some kind of corporeal thread or inroad into this thing we're all interested in involving UFOs.

I'd bet on the wrong horse, frankly, and been humiliatingly hoaxed. Husband, father, grandfather, Air combat Veteran, Retired Army officer, Master Army Aviator, Summa college graduate, and aspiring writer on non-fiction, I was once burned, now, and maybe three times shy.

Decidedly, I was not ripe for any subsequent story the likes of the "Flatwoods Monster": ostensibly, a claw-handed forest nixie sporting a sweet-sixteen skirt and Darth Vader cape—a cape tricked out with a collar high in the back like a big ace of spades. It was like something from of a bad Flash Gordon knock-off, sincerely—that, in 1952, and shooting red beams from its moribund eyes while oozing evil smelling gas, had "spooked a bunch of hillbillies in the hills of West Virginia." I was a fool, eh? Yes, yes I was. Such are the uninformed, always judging a book by its cover or first authoritative seeming explanation.