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SDI #468 Twenty Questions

SDI #468

20 Questions astonishingly if insightfully addressed by Dave Furlotte, Roger Marsh, Glen Campbell, Frank Feschino, and Alfred Lehmberg as seamlessly produced and then deftly executed by Bosscat Bruce-Knapp, esq.:

1. Are ufologists intellectually challenged, fundamentally bonkers, insane, foop-shooby, or flip city?

2. Have our "intrepid mainstream authorities" put last years flap at O'hare entirely to rest as the most prosaic of prosaic prosaics (sic)?

3. Who, indeed, is guilty of Streckers' "pathological receptiveness" and can these be revalidated with lithium and a big bag of stale Easter peeps?

4. Does Dr. Harlow Shapely, a one time eminent Harvard astronomer, stick a fork in UFOs with his admonition that anyone seeing such —Jimmy Carter springs to mind— is either drunk or crazy?

5. Do "uncommon objects" seen in "uncommon seeing conditions" constitute all uncommon reports and observations... apart, of course, from those made by "the crazy liars," as proclaimed by the infamous uber-klasskurtxian Dr. Donald Menzel?

6. Did Donald Menzel, himself, see a UFO then dismiss same as, likely, some poorly digested beef?

7. Do all card carrying klasskurtxians cop the M-cubed plea reflexively? UFOs are a result of the Misled, the Mis-leading, and the Mentally ill... exclusively?

8. Is smirking klasskurtxian "spokespuppy" Mr. Oberg a paid disinformation agent —whatever that may mean— and ashamed of his apostrophe?

9. Do civil aircraft pilots regularly "over-interpret their observations" from the cockpit, according to Mr. Oberg, and what does this mean regarding the safely of the passengers flying?

10. Are airline pilots subject to fits of temerarious insanity while they fly!?

11. Who said, "...All UFOs are easily explainable because they can all be rationally explained..."?

12. Can one prove an ordinary absolute?

13. Is Dave Furlotte Crazy? Errol Bruce-Knapp? Is this writer only assisting the misleading, presumed to be misled, or dismissed as mentally ill?

14. Was the aforementioned Dr. Menzel, who saw his UFO, crazy?

15. Does Mr. Oberg "slide the scale" or otherwise play fast and loose with his goalposts when his spurious argument begins its obligatory tatter? Can the reader say, "Jerry Cohen"?

16. Are all UFO reports bona fide observations of the craft flown by intelligent reptiles from a moon vicinity Betelgeuse?

17. Is it entirely impossible any longer to believe ones own eyes?

18. Does technology bring us closer to the UFO or does it keep us away?

19. Is psychiatry always able to recognize "crazy"?

20. "...Yet here [Screamin' Demon]! The wind sets in the shoulder of your sail, and you are stayed for"?

A suffering Zot —most barragrugous— good readers and listeners, but that 58 explosive minutes of SDI remain! Again, I am unable to clear even the always provocative Dave Furlotte regarding 20 questions prodded and gouged from sensibilities outraged anew!

Be that as it may newcomer Roger Marsh, the director of communications for MUFON, outlines a new ufological consciousness venue for MUFON uber-grande artists, writers, and contributors at

Area 51 Legend Glen Campbell visits inspiration even as he travels what he indicates is "irrelevant" and "disappointing" ground. Damn.

Frank Feschino at last puts paid to previous if errant and otherwise erroneous estimations of well earned credibility. He, at once, at great cost, and from over four arduous years unceasing litigation, resurrects face, justice, and victory for himself, Stanton Friedman, and an aviation war history in plain sight all the time... but missed by everyone else! Crow hors d'oeuvres will be served with brandy and cigars on the poop deck.

Alfred Lehmberg rounds out with some gobsmackers! Did Glen Campbell invent the ufological internet?

It was a time of known toads, "known" to be knowing not — knowing _still_, brothers and sisters! Know that toad!

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