Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yes Virginia... The Government Still Takes UFO Reports...

Rich Reynolds, your inflated sense of self-importance is exceeded only by your inflated sense of impact on this field you regularly abuse, you slandering scourge and self-identifying field-abuser. Truly, you proselytize abject stupidity.

Obviously, the regard of a ufological affair is quite beyond you! Your shallow thinking has you grasping at the empty air you otherwise foul with your uninformed and hubristic exhortations.  Verily, you embarrass yourself to believe you have convinced the reader that you can contribute anything to it, at all, but invective, inane literary pissory, and hubristic misdirection.  Such seems indeed so.

See Ritchy, UFOs possess an audit trail, include a field closer to the true expression of the "corporeal" in an "existential reality," because they prove to be a reality well covered in seven abundant categories of evidentiary profundity eh?  It certainly surpasses the turbid limits in a shallow puddle of an inadequate imagination that is your own ...unequal to the task of their sensible regard.  It is not only more than one _can_ perceive, Mr. Reynolds, frankly it is more than _you_ show that you are _capable_ of perceiving. I'm reminded of "...Open mouth, insert foot, and echo internationally."  You do that, entirely without shame, frequently in those celebrations of the inflated mawkish you call web logs.  Bird droppings in brail make more sense.

All the preceding neatly invalidates your uninspired, non-constructive, and juvenile reductionism, you see.  Moreover, it is a clear demonstration that the highly strange is _wholly_ beyond your pathetically embarrassing and hubristic piss-wittery... demonstrating no capacity to understand, little aptitude to accept, zero ability to incorporate, and a fulsome lack of all skill to recognize!

The reader can put on top of that that you owe me effuse apologies and seven figure damages, imo, for _egregious_ slanders per se... ...twice, so you become especially intolerable strutting around like a named authority of some personal if unjustified social import and recognized gravitas. You are not.  You are, imo, a bad joke, a parody of yourself... ...and I would expect that "the universe is laughing at you behind your back..."

Remains that I am burdened to take my aforementioned damages a dime at a time from your backside in the court of public opinion. Besides and indeed, you only moonwalk your validity in your seeming progression forward. It only looks like forward progression where it actually moves the observer back for a retreat and _not_ an advance, eh? You have no imagination, no humor, and no real consistency... ...with nothing to show but ultimately pissing off most persons ever associating with you.

Refrain from your pompous commentary. Forego your obtuse assessments. Cease your tedious observations. Withdraw from the field. There's a good lad.  ...And thanks -- ÆL

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