Wednesday, March 19, 2014



Lately, in my opinion albeit hastily penned, is the latest appropriation of that no talent slanderer and cyber-scourge Rich Reynolds...:

He pules:
"...Up next, I’ll provide comments on the deviants who roam the halls of the UFO community, one in jail, and one continuously spewing vile and vulgar comments trying to cover his tracks as a child pornographer."

One wonders who this mystery miscreant might be... ...given that if Rich Reynolds has knowledge of the identity of "Sex Criminals," and is not immediately forthcoming with that information to the proper authorities... ...then that may, in my opinion, be as heinous and egregiously disagreeable—every bit as bad, reader—as the activities of such a criminal Rich Reynolds coquettishly hints at.  

Who is this evil person?  Why is Rich Reynolds holding back on information he would suggest that he has? Why is the safety and welfare of innocent kids a seeming game or mere tabloid headline for Rich Reynolds?

Is the self-promotion of a tedious weblog any justification for children being put in harms way or in focus of a clear and present danger? 

Clearly, Rich Reynolds should get off the pot on this and put the safety of children ahead of his chimp-like sensibilities and mawkish efforts of faux-journalism.  As a father and grandfather of two lovely granddaughters, two and four, I demand Rich Reynolds quit playing games and tell the authorities!  This monster must be put behind bars!   WHO IS IT!


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