Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another Load Of Steaming Bragalia Via Rich Reynolds...

...Yet another load of steaming revisionist cack about Socorro from Anthony Bragalia and his ever insentient supporter or grasping coat-tailer, the facile, febrile, and ever fatuous UFO appropriationist, Rich Reynolds.

See, it doesn't matter that "preposterous posits" are unendingly made to counter the ufological reality that Bragalia and Reynolds abhor, it is enough that they be made at all, see, stirring duplicitous mud and obscuring that reality xtant. It only appears to be "cutting edge reporting" reader, in reality a too hasty and likely errant supposition with a gleeful Reynolds riding on its derided, discounted, and already discredited coattails.

Burned? Be shy.

This current steaming load of hasty manure is predictably signed off on by Tim Printy, noted uber-skeptic and reflex denier who pompously proclaims Socorro: solved at last!

This particular impacted and constipated revelation even comes with a warning against fair use reference so as to keep the discussion about it tamped down and/or mimic seriousness presumably. It matters not, the steam alluded to above still manages, and decidedly, to smell as sweet.

New and equally anxious dismissals about Trindade and Roswell are presumed to be promptly forthcoming.


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