Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The "Flatwoods Monster" Anniversary

The "Flatwoods Monster" 
Returns for the 63rd Anniversary!
by Alfred Lehmberg

2015 marks the 63rd anniversary of the "Flatwoods Monster" incident!  Thanks to Frank Feschino, Jr., our intrepid investigator who reopened and investigated this case in 1991, this close encounter event continues to appear in the news even after all of these years. You see folks, Feschino's truly exhaustive and painstakingly extensive research into this case—the longest such research in the affair's history—brought forth many unknown aspects of the incident to documented light!

Fortuitously, this ultimately revealed a sadly shocking truth behind a patent historical obfuscation and a well-orchestrated government cover-up.  Such seems abundantly so.

Remember, reader, that 1952 is the year of the biggest UFO flap ever, and documented orders to the military to shoot those UFOs down sure seems to culminate with shot up and crash-landed UFO occupants escaping and evading like American pilots would if shot down, themselves, in hostile territory.  Such continues to seem abundantly so, eh?

Subsequently, Feschino writes books and composes varying treatments regarding the eerie Flatwoods case and, for years, travels many thousands of miles throughout the country giving well received lectures, having tireless book-signings and giving jaw-dropping interviews.  As a result of his effort Feschino and his remarkable study has been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio programs, television news broadcasts, one History Channel TV program, forgetting countless Internet articles. Such is so!  Why this ever-smoldering, if outre and unsatisfied, interest world wide?

...Air War with ET, reader...  It is as wholly unimaginable as it is unimaginably unacceptable.  ...But for the data it would be laughable and forgotten out of hand.  This is just to start.

Undeclared Air War and Pilots Missing In Action.

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