Monday, February 2, 2015

and the
National Security State:

The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991

Review & Commentary
by Alfred Lehmberg

I can make no apologies for the huge admiration and respect I have cultivated for Richard Dolan. Dolan, you see, is but one leg of a stalwart "quadrature of earnest consideration" I've nurtured regarding the UFO and its highly strange ancillaries. This "quadrature,"  a four way triangulation on a confirming assertion providing for a complete and rational understanding of the ufological, is entirely bulletproof through my filters.  That's right.

The other three supports of that understanding, not in any particular order, are Stanton Friedman, Frank Feschino, and Robert Hastings.  Each of these prosecutes a significant piece of work pointing wholly to that same invulnerable supposition:  UFOs and the ineffable "other," —howsoever that "other" manifests— quite simply, are.

That's right, too.  Study these entirely acceptable gentlemen, reader, and it becomes altogether, even patently, obvious that it is time for an elected —and unelected— leadership, corrupted culture, and irrelevant society to "utilize a progressive's faculties..." or get off the freaking pot regarding UFOs.  I digress, but not far.       

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