Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whither Richie?

Reynolds Out Of Repose

Rich Reynolds, of the journalistically insipid—if real or imagined—RRR Group, was never a friend of mine, though we did at one time practice a certain collegiality—even spoke on the phone a couple of times. Collegiality, being the ephemeral thing that it is; however, was lost after Reynolds started going down even stranger and more intellectually and imaginatively stunted roads, culminating in his public suggestion, reader, to the observers of public cyberspace on Halloween day in 2005, that he possessed some "evidence" that _this_ writer—_your_ writer—might even be having sex with children... Yeah.

Story here:

Does the reader really need to hear my denial?

Back at the Ranch and Reynolds' "even stranger and more niggardly intellectual roads," I'm alerted to this lately "deposited," so non-delightful, bit of sage "wisdom"—read excrescence—to be found on one or more of that putrescent plethora of whack-job activities passing for Web-Logs in "Ritchy Reynolds World." Look quick, reader, as stuff tends to "disappear" from Richie's Blogs... (link below)

Yes, I've been publicly critical of Rich Reynolds and RRR Group since about July of 2005. I remained within In October of that year Reynolds would drop his "P-phile" bomb on me and earn my justified enmity, _seething_ to this day.

To that end, and in that spirit, I've book-marked all that criticism of 5 years as found on these pages, from the start, and provide it here:

The immediately preceding is proof of his original slander per se...

Search pages for "Reynolds" or "RRR" ...

There was much more criticism on Ritchy's own pages, reader, but surprise surprise! It's disappeared, as I pointed out, earlier. So, by the way... whither Ritchy? Where's his demonstration of professional veritas... ever?!

Lately, in a fit of megalomania so ripe you can smell it... he demonizes Errol Bruce-Knapp and a host of other serious persons in a thinly veiled comparison of himself to the God of the Old Testament, smiting those interested and researching UFOs like they were the "evil" cities Sodom and Gomorrah.  Reynolds has a long history of death wishes on his literary opposition.
Cast aspirsion on Errol Bruce-Knapp as he retires his UFO research effort to history?  No, the real problem is that, in all honesty?  Reynolds' gadfly obnoxiousness can't buff a shoe-top of Errol Bruce-Knapp's contribution to the Fortean, one. and two?  There's a lot of evidence of Rich Reynolds being the no talent bore, death wisher, and slandering popinjay to be found in that history... Seriously. That's the problem... actually... Eh Richie?

He spares a few in his genocide... He holds out one Paul Kimball, Reynolds' "Lot," it is presumed. I'm sure Mr. Kimball is _hugely_ flattered.

Again, I can perceive of no ufological emergency, collegiality, or sense of fair play that warrants others suffering the likes of Rich Reynolds—or RRR Group—in our company. I admit, I must be somewhat askance and akimbo to those who believe he _does_ have a place. The above singles out "why." I suspect I'm pretty fair, too. Look upon his works, ye innocent, and beware of the consequences organic to sailing aft of Reynolds' literary scow.

You're an unworthy and slandering slop-artist, Reynolds, biting at the heels and ankles of your betters in the person of Mr Knapp like a rabid Pomeranian, owing _me_ seven figure damages and unqualified public apologies for your nasty slander per se. I'll call you out whenever I see your head above a literary berm and curse you till incapable of doing so. Posted.


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