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The Braxton County Monster

The well-known "Washington area meteor" quoted from Blue Book was not well known, had nothing to do with Washington, and was not even a meteor.  It was too slow, moved too erratically, was seen over too wide an area, and hung around too long.  More on this in a moment.

This above book is not just another story about the "Flatwoods Monster," reader, it is an in depth and well-researched vehicle detailing the very significant UFO flap occurring over the United States on September 12, 1952. Yes, Frank Feschino, the author and researcher who spent 21-years investigating this famous alien close encounter, has established a definite pattern of UFO sightings occurring across the Eastern States on that particular day, and with history showing that the 9-12-52 flap of UFO sightings has never been paralleled!  The "Braxton County Monster" case was much more than an encountered monster in Flatwoods, West Virginia, reader.  Much, much more.

See, to establish what occurred that day, Feschino used various sources from Project Blue Book: Official Government documents, newspaper articles, first-hand eyewitness interviews and other documented sources, to recreate the UFO events of that day. To date, his ongoing research has turned up increasing amounts of evidence buttressing the story ark of his recently released book edition. The third if I'm not mistaken. His research now solidly establishes that there were 116 documented locations in 10 Eastern States where witnesses saw and reported several different UFOs that had flown over, landed or crashed during 21 hours of sustained activity!  21 HOURS of sustained activity, reader!  What meteor does that?

See, and for the official record, the USAF in their "Project Blue Book 10073 Record Card" concluded differently. Oddly enough, Blue Book officials attributed these UFO sightings to a lone bolide or single meteor. The conclusion reached was stated as, "Astronomical." In the "Comments" section of this document, they also stated:

"The West Virginia Monster so called. Actually the object was the well known Washington area meteor of 12 Sep. landing near Flatwoods, W.Va. Have confirmation of an Astronomy Club from Akron, Ohio. Letter from E.C. [blacked out] President-Akron Astronomy Club." (sic)  I offer any meteor of the size described landing at Flatwoods would have made it "Flattened Woods," eh?

In the letter written by the president of the "Akron Astronomy Club" in Ohio, the Air Force agreed with the club's president that the object was a "Typical meteorite (fireball)." Yet, this same document stated the "Fireball" was traveling at "27 miles per second," had a duration of only, "5-6 seconds," and was seen at "Approximately 7:00 p.m. EST."  Note the time.

The sighting of this alleged meteor was also reported in "The New York Times" in an article, "Flame Over Washington." It reported, "A brilliant flame apparently a meteor, flashed across the sky of the nations capital tonight...The blazing object moved horizontally across the heavens and came 'awfully low.'"

Additionally, the "Project Blue Book 10073 Record Card," also stated the time of the object's sighting in Flatwoods had actually occurred at, "TIME: 1930" or "7:30 p.m. EST."

Let us take a closer look at this data as presented by the Air Force.

Flatwoods, WV is about 206 miles west of Washington, D.C. Now I ask the reader, why did it take 30 minutes for the "Well known Washington area meteor" to travel 206 miles to Flatwoods, when it's actual velocity was recorded as, "27 miles per second"?  That's just to start.

Let us take a further look at what Feschino has discovered during his ongoing 21 year investigation. He utilized hundreds of pages of UFO sightings data, dissected all the information extant and plotted the points of the 116 locations of UFO sightings over 10 eastern states on a "Master Map." Yes reader, the events of this case are very well documented!  There's no puzzle anymore!  Readers can piece it together themselves from the now public record!

Frank also recorded the eyewitness descriptions of these objects, the times they were seen across the country and recorded their directional headings, as well. He also recorded the landings of other objects and pinpointed the areas where some UFOs had actually crash landed!  None of the adjacent "points" knew of one another yet the map has a cartiological and chronological consistency which can be achieved no other way but the actuality of real UFO sightings.  This is stunning all by itself.

Next, Feschino was able to form definite patterns from these plotted points creating numerous solid flight path trajectories of several different UFOs which cannot be denied. Feschino's data clearly shows us that there were actually several different UFOs passing over throughout the eastern United States in this 21 hour period, NOT one fireball meteor!

Feschino also discovered there were four "damaged" UFOs actually making a total of 13 crash landings in three Eastern States that night. The author was able to track these four damaged objects and
pinpoint their locations precisely as they repeatedly crash-landed, took off, and then flew across the United States that night. Additionally, Frank found eight landing sites in three states where other UFOs had touched down during the times the damaged UFOs were crashing!

One "fireball meteor," reader?  Right!

Not hardly... For example, read some of the following quotes appearing in various USAF "Tentative Witness Observers Questionnaire" forms sent back to Project Blue Book by American citizens, who saw the UFOs on Sept. 12, 1952:

* "Can't imagine what it was. It looked like an exploding plane."

* "The object looked like an oval roman candle, descending at the speed and angle of a passenger plane...How far was it from you? Near enough for us to debate stopping the car for fear of what might happen when it landed."

* "This THING was being flown."

* "I have seen many meteors -this was not one - much too large...It did not fall to earth."

* "The newspaper said it was a meteor, but it had no tail. and was not falling and was larger than any meteor that I ever saw."

* It dove toward the ground. It sort of leveled off and disappeared."

* "...As big as a dirigible."

*"It looked like a plane on fire... Gliding toward the ground."

*"About the speed of a plane... heading toward the ground."

Other eyewitness accounts appeared in various newspapers around the country. Some examples of these eyewitness accounts stated the following information about these UFOs:

* "It looked like a giant skyrocket and there was a bright light. The light seemed to go out just before the thing hit and it looked like a very, very faint puff of smoke rose where it landed."

* "It was very close and at first I thought it was an airplane in trouble. It looked as though some little pieces fell from it. It seemed to fall right into South Hills."

* "It seemed to be 20 or 30 feet across. I don't think it was a meteor, because it looked like it stopped - right in mid-air just before it came down."

* "The object gave off a 'putt-putt' noise and a piece of it fall off near the airport."

* "The object was variously reported to have made hissing sounds and to have backed up and started over."

* "Patrolmen reported sighting what they believed to be distress flairs from the ground where the object was supposed to have fallen."

* "The thing seemed to burst as it went down over some trees of a mountaintop."

Reader, this is only the trickling tributary of the AMAZON of information appearing in Frank C. Feschino's "Updated and Revised Edition" book.   There is much, much more: a plethora and feast of jaw-dropping info moving a readers sensibilities to a new place, or at least an evolved "think" regarding Humankind's place in a multitude of universes.

In closing, according to Frank Feschino there are NO Astronomy records in the world recording a meteor or meteor shower occurring over the United States on on that fateful night in September... other than the one proffered by Project Blue Book!  I suspect that must mean something, eh?


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