Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Braxton County Monster Returns?


The 60th Anniversary of the
Snitowsky and Frametown Monster Incident
(A sister event to the Flatwoods affair)

Twenty-four hours after the "Braxton County Monster" incident occurred in Flatwoods, yet another terrifying alien close encounter occurred in Braxton County, about 17-miles away in the Frametown area.

On September 13, 1952, George Snitowsky, his wife Edith and 18-month son were driving through the mountainous roads from Frametown, on their way back home to New York.  Abruptly, their car inexplicably stalled and died by the deserted and car-less roadside.

George attempted to start the car but to no avail.  Suddenly, the air around him became engulfed with a noxious foggy mist smelling like a mixture of ether and burnt sulfur.

Moments later, just after he'd gotten back into his car, a dazzling beam of deep purple light flashed across the hood!  It emanated from the nearby woods. The scene quickly became dire as the stench penetrated the interior of the car and the baby started crying uncontrollably.

As everyone was gagging and heaving, George got out intent on investigating the brilliant light in the woods. As he got closer to it he was to become dumbfounded when he clearly saw a glowing UFO hovering behind some nearby trees! Electrical charges filled the air along with the sickening stench surrounding him, he quickly turned and headed back to the relative safety of the car.

As George neared his car, he staggered, briefly, against a tree attempting to regain his balance and catch his breath.  Suddenly, a blood-curding scream filled the air as Edith tried to warn George of the impending danger behind him. Clutching the baby, the hysterical wife pointed to a huge 9-foot tall alien that was hovering in place about 30-feet away from him.

George's knees buckled when he turned and saw a huge reptilian-looking being!  He was later able to describe the alien as having a bloated body with long spindly anthropoid arms forking into only two thick, if equally spindly, fingers. Suddenly, without any warning, the being moved towards him. George said the figure seemed to glide acoss the surface of the road.  He further described the lower torso as being a solid mass, a conveyance. Furthermore, it was the source of the sickening sulfur permeating the air.

The huge alien quickly hovered towards Snitowsky, followed him back to the car—even stalked the hysterical couple circling their automobile for a time!  Other weirdness ensued...

This hair-raising incident, among many others, can be read in its entirety—with accompanying illustrations—in Frank C. Feschino's new book:

The Braxton County Monster
(The Cover-up of the "Flatwoods Monster" Revealed)

"Look out, not up!

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