Tuesday, June 26, 2012

alienviews: The Porcine "Status Quo."

Alfred Lehmberg's latest: alienviews: The Porcine "Status Quo." As always I'm relecutant to choose a quote only because it wouldn't do the piece justice. Out of context, a bit, and there's so much wonderful stuff before and after. But I'll give you the beginning and you'll need to visit Alfred's site for the rest:
One pays his price for thinking thoughts regarding "ebbs" and "flows" of an inculcated gracelessness we've come to know and loath. This "inculcated gracelessness" is from the "top," my friends, to cloud our sensibilities to the facts of their pretense. What are the smooth mechanics of this "system" as bestowed? Why, it's the gravid sociopathy of their porcine "status quo"!
UFOs are surly counter to this *fog* as it's contrived... fog "few" prefer as "blessing," but by "most" is most despised. There is much—indeed awry—in "wisdom of convention," so "Status Quo" on UFOs? Beyond all comprehension.
I like that: "... the gravid sociopathy of their porcine "status quo"! "

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