Sunday, March 18, 2012

Roswell: Keep it Up

I'm no expert on Roswell. Being so is a full time job for a solid UFO researcher. But one thing we can all agree on: something happened at Roswell. Aliens or sinister human caused doings; something occurred that was so huge that it still needs to be kept secret after all these decades.

Let's pretend for a moment Roswell had nothing to do with aliens from outer space, and was an utterly, completely man made event. The heavy handed actions of our military towards American citizens, the life long effects of the event on the witnesses and their children and families, the secrecy, disinformation and lies from our government that spun (and continues to spin), not to mention the deeds performed on either human or animal subjects (if indeed, there were any) adds up to both intriguing and despicable deeds. Doesn't that deserve on-going research?

And of course, if the Roswell event was aliens-crashed-to-earth-in-a-space-ship, then we certainly need to know about that! Or at least get as close as we can to that particular truth.

Some might argue that, if Roswell was strictly a war related event, that national security demands such secrecy, and we shouldn't be delving into areas that might make us vulnerable to others. That's disingenuous or naive, depending on which reason is believed by those who utter such denials.

No matter what it was that happened at Roswell, something did happen, and while some say they're bored by such a story, I say we do indeed have the right to know. The witness survivors and their children have a right to know. The town has a right to know.

So thank you to all the Roswell investigators out there (and I mean real UFO researchers, not the, you know, skeptoids of the realm) who still go at it in terms of uncovering what really went on at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

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Alfred Lehmberg said...

Exactly! _Something_ happened. And what happened, "happened" on an existential curve in the corporeal sense that may be invisible to us lay citizens and the ufologically unwashed, but when we place the facts as data points on time-lines and graphs they begin to describe a likeness of that "curve," don't appearance of _Something_ way off a _prosaic_ existential curve!

Frank Feschino has done the same thing regarding the "Summer Of Saucers," "Shoot Then Down," and the "Flatwoods Monster." Something happened off the comfort curve. Something happened, highly strange!

Hey! Sometimes it's going to _be_ Zebras!