Sunday, January 2, 2011

Butch Witkowski! Wherefore Art?!

Butch Witkowski, a UFOs cum Human Mutilations researcher and supported by Don Ecker since last February to be a 27 year veteran homicide detective investigating same, has dropped out of sight.

Here's Witkowski in action:

Yes!  Plug pulled as mysterious as that!

Web Sites are pulled, extant!  Phones go unanswered, it's said!  E-mails are ignored, it's reported.

Witkowski, also a PA MUFON Star Team member, was to be a featured speaker at the upcoming Lawrence, Kansas Reykawvik Summit 2011 in March.

The "Reykawvik" people have no small amount of concern regarding the status of Mr. Witkowski.
All that said: 
Butch Witkowski!  Wherefore art und vos ist freakin' los?!
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Bill said...

When's the last time anyone had heard from him? Hope he's ok. Will ck out his U Tubes, cause I'd never him of him before.
Thanks for posting this Alfred.
Bill Burt

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Roger that, Bill!

I've heard it through the grapevine that it's likely Mr. Witkowski will prove to be better than fine at the denouement — wherever you come down on the human mutilation controversy, eh?

Keep your ear to the wall on this,it may prove to be _wholly_ interesting, especially given it seems it may be contrived to ignobly torpedo what's shaping up to be a very robust March Conference in Lawrence, Kansas mentioned above.