Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today, of all days, Rich Reynolds excretes:

"A criticism, again, of UFO UpDates can be found at several of our blogs:

The UFO Prolapseateur(s)
The RRRGrope
The UFO Underwear
The UFO Arachnids
The UFO Agoraphobics
The UFO Nitwits

(A slight case of over-kill? We think not. UpDates needs to be eradicated.)

posted by RRRGroup at 9:22 AM on Nov 22, 2010" -- Rich Reynolds...

_One_ tepid and moronic post spread, no, smeared over 6 inconsequential web-logs... not so well done, Ritchy... go pop your nose-bubble.

See, you're filled with flaccid "entitlement," but not one shred of sense with regard to how embarrassing you are. Grow a beard, you sophomoric ass-hat. You _are_ the Fox News of Ufology.

Feh! ...And a back-shooting coward, imo, to boot!

How is it others countenance your authoritarian, sneering, libelous, inconstant, homocentric, and narcissistically fatuous media-watching malfeasance is really beyond me. No... really.

Me, I'll continue to stomp you're pointy little head every time in pops out of its warren. You OWE me! I OWN you!

(A slight case of over-kill? I think not. See? _You_ need to be eradicated.)
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