Friday, October 24, 2008

Joseph Capp's Certainty Principle

"The UFO enigma should bring our community together . . ." says Joseph Capp of UFO Media Matters in The Certainty Principle. Sadly, instead, the UFO community is more about in-fighting, attacks, sneering, etc. -- well, we all know the drill. Capp calls this phenomena -- all this ugly at times nasty lying, insulting, fighting, pompous buffoonery and so on that divides, not unites, "The Certainty Principle":
The Great Separator is a belief system of rigid ideals practiced by “certain people” that seems to have no logical use in the real world -- except to keep the community ridiculously divided. I call this great separator “The Certainty Principle”.

You can read more here at Capp's UFO Media Matters blog.

We all have our opinions -- certainly I have mine about things like disclosure, the Trickster element, etc. but that doesn't mean I'm right. It means it's what I think, at least for now, and it makes sense to me, for now. I like my little theories, but I also know they can change, they could be wrong, (or here's something: not so much wrong, as, incomplete. . .) so much of our ideas about things are framed by our experiences, beliefs and cultural contexts. That's so obvious it should be a given but we lose sight of that a lot.

There's nothing wrong with speculating, or having ideas that aren't in alignment with someone else's --- what's "wrong" is believing you're RIGHT and therefore, superior, and everyone else is a (insert slur here___________)

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