Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From Joseph Capp: Barney and Betty Hill: Profiles in Courage Part 1

Joseph Capp of the UFO Media Matters blog has a post about Barney and Betty Hill. It's a funny post in parts, but it's also moving and important, discussing the fact of what they went through regarding their interracial relationship, their activism and involvement in the community, and the efforts of debunkers, including Dr. Susan Clancy. This is Part I, and Part II promised to be equally as interesting. I wonder if Capp will address the topic of possible MILAB manipulation and the Hills connection with military? We'll just have to see.

Here's a bit of what Capp writes about the Hills in general:

Remember the ground truths of the era when the Hill case happened:
--Abductions were unknown…to Americans, at least;
--ET were not in the news, and the only information the Hills had was their own experience;
--The facts of the experience seemed too insane to be real.

The Hills stand out as people who couldn’t possible be the people the professional debunkers and disinfo agents made them out to be. They were fighters, these Hills. They were stand up Americans doing what America does best: standing uphttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif for freedom.

The beauty of the Hills was they were truly unspoiled, and yet they saw something very shatteringly bizarre, similar to what was reported before at Roswell, but kept smothered for decades.

One thing about the Hill case: it is a valid era in UFO history to research (as most "old" cases are) not necessarily because it might reveal something new and astounding but because of what we can learn, and then apply to current UFO phenomenon.

Betty and Barney Hill: Profiles in Courage Part I

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