Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back in the Fifities . . .

And sixties, and seventies . . . for none of this exists in a vacuum . . . it seemed the only ones reporting UFOs in our skies were "the people." Of course, that's all it ever is; "the people." Including politicians, academics, scientists, for in the end, we're all proletarians. Yeah, I'm just another Jew pinko commie, so there. Seriously, though. . .

All we have is ourselves, where ever we may be at any time, and some of us -- far more of us than would be acknowledged -- experience the unexplained. And some of us from that category go further, forever trying to figure it out. Others join in, out of sincere curiosity, regardless of their own personal weird factor experience.

When it comes to the weird, including UFOs, it's all open, since the only thing we can say for sure is, we don't know what's for sure. Even with the idea that, yep, let's just admit it and say ET is here (which I pretty much will say is the case) that doesn't answer anything, really. Just that "they" aren't "us." Or hell, they could be us in some way . . . see what I mean?

Those goofy amiable types from the Golden Age of Flying Saucerdom were experiencing something (most of them) in genuine ways. And even if they weren't so what? Most of them meant well.

Sure, most everybody was going through Post War Anxiety syndrome -- I remember the Friday sirens and Duck and Cover -- but as I said, nothing exists in a vacuum. Part of the problem in UFO studies is the idea that we can isolate segments of the UFO phenomena and then we'll find The Big Answer. This idea often includes eliminating the witness from the thing. Feh! dahlings, we're in this together.

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